Quick life/author update (Non-fiction)

It’s been very busy around here. My wife is dealing with a medical issue and that’s why I didn’t post a story this week. We’re hoping she’ll get some relief next week, if not sooner. (I’m hoping for sooner.) I’m still job hunting, but just met with a new career counselor, and I’m feeling optimistic.

I’m still making progress on the book writing front. My current work in progress, Revenge of the Phantom Press, is coming together. I’m making enough progress that I hope to have a rough draft ready this year. I’m not sure how long beta reading and editing will take, but I think I have a good shot at getting it out next year. I’ve been teasing some of it on TikTok. Right now, it’s going to be a longer novel than The Rift, and takes place during Bolingbrook’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Of course, something sinister is going on in the shadows. If you subscribe to my author newsletter, you can catch my email about a new setting in the book, Little Bolingbrook.

In other author news, I shutdown my online store for now. I might create a new version in the future, but right now is not the time for it. You can still get the books at Amazon, online vendors, and most libraries apps, like Libby.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to regular posting on Monday.



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