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  • Monday funnies

    I found these two cartoons to be sharp commentaries on the times we live in. First we have Pearls Before…

    From: Mano Singham

  • Elegance?

    This is some artwork that I immediately fell in love with. There's something interesting going on within it; the artist…

    From: Stderr

  • More Authentic Customer Satisfaction

    Commentariat member rq sends this picture: Ronja approves of the fur removal device! I have a lovely piece of oak…

    From: Stderr

  • In my heart, I want this to be true

    But in my brain, I know it's not. Molluscs are no more closely related to arachnids than they are to…

    From: Pharyngula

  • O, Les Dames

    This should come as no surprise, but it's certainly a disappointment. One of the attributes of a great businessman is…

    From: Stderr

  • I Don’t See How This Works

    My experience doing flooring is limited to edge-to-edge boards. In fact, I've been terrified of doing tile because of the…

    From: Stderr

  • The Art of Book Design: The Epicurean

    Today's book comes to us from Marcus' collection (stderr) and it's a classic. Published in 1920, the book is a…

    From: Affinity

  • The Notre Dame Fire

    The New York Times has a very good in-depth article about the Notre Dame fire. [nyt] When I saw the…

    From: Stderr

  • Customer Success Stories

    [Content Warning: Cat Pictures] I got some photos from Commentariat(tm) member Celeste H, providing empirical proof that at least some…

    From: Stderr

  • A Picture I Forgot

    This is one picture from the Saturn-V that I forgot to post. It's worth it in its own right, in…

    From: Stderr

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