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  • Capital in board games

    In economic strategy board games, it’s very common to have an arc of growth over the course of the game.…

    From: A Trivial Knot

  • Good question

    (Doonesbury) {AD}

    From: Mano Singham

  • The Inevitable Conclusion of the Jesus Images

    [Warning: AI] [audio mp3=""][/audio] And Jesus said, "upon this rock I shall roll." Prompt for both: Jesus playing electric bass…

    From: Stderr

  • Jesus

    [Warning: AI] An apostle friend of mine made a fun suggestion: to use AI to illustrate a bible. A carefully…

    From: Stderr

  • Ubu Roy

    I was in high school when my sweetheart, Rachel, discovered Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roy [King Ubu] and started reading big…

    From: Stderr

  • More Stable Audio

    I feel kind of stupid. I didn't even think to ask for anything but music. Suddenly, this is interesting/huge. So…

    From: Stderr

  • Stable Audio

    Right now, the popularity/interest in stable audio is so high that you basically can't get to it unless you're a…

    From: Stderr

  • Blah blah blah

    Yoram Bauman translates the basic principles of economics.   I am skeptical of economics - if the science had any…

    From: Stderr

  • memos to self

    thinking things, not anything sensible enough to call a post, but stuff i might want to remember.  call it memos…

    From: Great American Satan

  • Fables, Wage Theft, and Asymmetrical Class Warfare

    I feel like I should probably talk about media monopolies more. The way corporations have managed to gain control of…

    From: Oceanoxia

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