The attempts to sabotage Obamacare

Now that the attempts to repeal Obamacare failed in the US Senate, a peevish Donald Trump vows to sabotage it by cutting off administration support for it, mainly by withdrawing the subsidies for the program that made it affordable. The problem for Trump is that some of the Byzantine features of Obamacare that are embedded in the law will tend to neutralize his efforts. For example, if the subsidies are cut, then the tax credits get increased, resulting in a net loss for the government. Kevin Drum tries to explain this trade-off and why cutting the subsidies may actually be a good thing.
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Should I stay or should I go?

As Donald Trump continues to make statements that signal support of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, already we have seen one presidential advisory panel after another being disbanded as people try to disassociate themselves from the toxic cloud that has enveloped the administration. Various charities have withdrawn from using Trump’s Florida resort for their fund-raisers. However, evangelical leaders are remaining steadfast.
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Soundtrack for the gathering clouds

The old song For What It’s Worth by the group Buffalo Springfield in 1967 was symbolic of the turbulent 1960s when there were riots and clashes between police and the public as the Vietnam war raged and the Civil Rights movement fought for equal rights. I can see this song returning to vogue as we head into another turbulent time where street clashes become the norm.
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I really do not understand this

I came across this BBC news item about Lele Tao, a 24-year old Chinese woman who reportedly earns about $450,0000 per year live streaming. What does she do? This is not a porn site nor is there any nudity or sex. Instead she talks, she sings, she eats, and chats to her fans, and in return her fans, mostly male, send her gifts. Apparently this is a huge business in China.
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What do the latest White House changes portend?

Stephen Bannon, close advisor and confidante of Donald Trump, has been fired. Rumors of changes in White House personnel seem to be part of the daily news cycle but his position seemed secure, despite some stories claiming that Trump, egotist and narcissist that he is, felt resentful that Bannon was getting too much credit for his election victory and that he was some kind of Rasputin manipulating his boss.
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The Republican excuse machine in overdrive

Seth Meyers looks at how Republican leaders, White House officials, and Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are trying desperately to shield themselves from criticisms for Trump’s actions and comments without repudiating him or quitting. He ends by focusing on Steve Bannon’s role. This episode aired last night before the announcement today of Bannon’s ouster.

Why do neo-Nazis hate Jews?

This may seem like a strange question because of course the Nazis hated Jews, enough that they set about systematically trying to exterminate all of them. But the anti-Jewish racism of Nazi Germany had a plausible explanation. Demagogues always face a particular problem. Part of their appeal is to pander to their followers by telling them how great their race is. This message resonates especially when they are not doing so well, as was the case in pre-war Germany. But then you have the problem of explaining why, if they are so great, their country and their lives are not wonderful.
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