Monday Meslier: 80 – Free Will is an Idle Fancy

Theologians tell and repeat to us that man is free, while all their teachings conspire to destroy his liberty. Trying to justify Divinity, they accuse him really of the blackest injustice. They suppose that, without grace, man is compelled to do evil: and they maintain that God will punish him for not having been given the grace to do good!

Jean Meslier Portrait

Your host, Jean Meslier

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Sunday Sermon: The Republic Goes to War

One of the responsibilities of a state, under the international system, is to provide protection for its citizens. That’s particularly important for a nation like Badgeria, which has unconventional economics and politics – historically nations trapped in aggressive forms of capitalism or fascism attempt to destabilize and conquer nations attempting to offer a more humane alternative. It is an unfortunate reality, but it’s a reality and Badgerians are, above all, realistic.

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The most dramatic moment in making a Japanese sword is the quenching. In part, that’s because if you have failures in your welds, the blade may suddenly delaminate, turn into a pretzel, or crack.

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Sometimes when I’m working on a project, I just can’t seem to get the right parts at the right time. I got all the Kee clamps [sb] to build the first (welding) table, but I kept ordering the wrong size connectors for the grinder/assembly table.

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