Here’s a Safe Assumption

[WARNING: sexual abuse]

Any group which is generally male-led, maintains strong insider-versus-outsider privacy, and has its own process for adjudicating misbehavior – is going to be a haven of sexual abuse. Period. This applies in retrospect to the US congress, the roman catholic church, police departments, certain buddhist ashrams, some yoga schools, the boy scouts, etc.

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I’ve been sweating getting the doors for the shop done, which has been an emotional nightmare for me (strong sense of failure) as I watch my self-imposed deadline for getting the shop online recede into the distance.

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Fake Identity

There’s something about the internet mindset – the anonymity (or, I should say, “apparent anonymity”) on both sides, that brings out the worst in people. It seems to me as though half of the new internet entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to screw the other half. And both are trying to screw their customers.

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