I Thought It Was A Harness

SPOILER ALERT: A popular illusion

When you learn how a trick’s done, does it “spoil” it for you? Sometimes I gnash my teeth a bit, but I find that when I know how a trick’s done, my appreciation for the trickster actually increases, and I have a good opportunity to examine my own cognitive biases and how I fell for redirection.

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Floating In a Sea of Propaganda – part 2

There are good lies and bad lies, apparently. It’s bad propaganda when Russians buy ads on social media, but it’s good propaganda when the CIA does. The Soviet Union emitted a lot of propaganda, and Voice of America didn’t.

Meanwhile, the politically naive complain about “post-modernism” and how everyone acts as though the truth is relative. Well, what else did you expect? [part 1, stderr]

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Floating In a Sea of Propaganda – part 1

We float in a sea of propaganda and lies; the biggest lie of them all being that we don’t float in a sea of propaganda and lies. There’s a truth out there, and every media figure and politician earnestly tries to claim the high ground by indicating, with ritual dance-steps, that they are conveying the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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Hop On the Upgrade Train!

As computers and AI recognizers get better and faster, recognition techniques will continue to get better and faster; I think that’s a given. But it’s also a given that as procurement managers keep throwing more money at a system that doesn’t quite work, they will …  Well, they’ll have spent more money! It doesn’t necessarily mean that the system will work better.

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