Mother’s Day Fundraiser (Non-Fiction)

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and it will also be the Freethought Blogs Mother’s Day Fundraising Anthology.  Richard Carrier’s SLAPP case against Freethought Blogs was settled back in 2019, but there are still legal bills left to be paid.  I, along with some of my fellow bloggers here, will post works with Mother’s Day as the theme.  I’ll post the links once I have them.  My contribution is a short story set in the same continuity as the upcoming Bolingbrook Novel.  (Which I might be able to publish this year.)

Feel free to make an early donation.  Any amount will be appreciated and will help us finally move on from that dark chapter.  I will add a stretch goal:  Between now and midnight on 5/10/21 CDT, if we raise $5000 or more, I will go to a Bolingbrook Village Board meeting and ask a question during public comments.  Something I haven’t done since around 2009, and back then, none of them knew who I was.

So if you want to see me make history, support my fellow bloggers, and enjoy a great anthology, make a donation!

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