Web Exclusive: Naperville protesters crash 10/24/17 Bolingbrook board meeting (Fiction)

Eyewitness and video analysis confirm that Naperville residents disrupted the 10/24/17 Village of Bolingbrook Board Meeting.  The protest was later edited out of the recording uploaded to the website.

“This was supposed to be a happy farewell to Public Safety Director Tom Ross,” said an anonymous eyewitness.  “Instead, those loud snobs, I mean Naperville residents, almost ruined it.”

According to the sources, after the Pledge of Allegiance portion of the meeting, ten Naperville residents stood up.  Their leader identified themselves as members of the Naperville Civic Response Action Team.  The leader said that they were furious over Facebook posts from the “Mayor’s Office” account.

“How dare you threaten to build a wall to separate yourselves from us.  We’re Naperville!  We have a reputation to uphold.  Suburbs separating themselves from us is not part of that reputation.  We’re the ones who do the separating!”

Mayor Roger Claar replied that the account is actually a “fake news” account, and asked if they had bothered to read the About section on the page.

“Why would we read the ‘About’ section?  We’re Naperville residents, we have a reputation to uphold.”

“I get the point!”  Claar replied.

Police escorted the ten residents out of the meeting.  Then five Naperville residents stood up and started chanting.  The first chant was, “Naperville is a-okay/Bolingbrook should go away!”  The second chant was “Naperville is beyond rebuke/Bolingbrook makes me puke!”

Claar made an unprintable remark, then said, “I told you that’s a fake news account!”

“You’re fake news!” yelled a protester.  “Just like your fake moat and your fake golf club!  You are an unworthy Trump supporter!”

Police escorted the protesters out again.  The meeting proceeded until the Trustees started giving their reports.  Another group of protesters stood up.

Trustee Robert Jaskiewicz interrupted them:

“Roger hates me and I have no reason to lie for him.  We’re not building a moat or a wall.  We like Naperville, and we like it when you shop in our stores and visit our events.  You’re welcome here. Let’s come together.”

Claar then shouted an unprintable comment, followed by: “Facebook just rejected my complaint about that page.  What do I have to do to get them shut down?”

After the meeting, Claar called Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico.  The two agreed that there was a misunderstanding between the two communities.  Chirico agreed to talk to the protesters, and Claar agreed to edit the video of the meeting “to protect Naperville’s reputation.”

An anonymous source at the Bolingbrook IT department confirmed the editing.  “We had to make a lot of awkward edits and used too many shots of Roger being bored.  Still, no one will ever suspect that there were protesters at the meeting.   As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Tom got the celebration he deserved!”

Neither Facebook nor the team behind the Mayor’s Office account could be reached for comment.

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