Winterfest is here! (Non-fiction)

Today is the Freethought Blogs Winterfest!  Please consider making a donation to help FtB pay off the legal debts amassed from defending against a SLAP Lawsuit.

These are my contributions this time:

  • I contributed to The Creative Skeptic video by TD Walker.

Check out the complete list of events, including interviews with Megan RahmDr. Sarah, and Giliell.  There will also be a live victory celebration on YouTube, which you can access from the list of events page.

FTB has been kind enough to host The Bolingbrook Babbler since 2017.  So if you like the Babbler, please consider making a donation if you have the chance to.  If not, please consider checking out the many other great blogs hosted here.  I’m sure they would appreciate your views.


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