Breaking News! Jackie Traynere announces candidacy for Mayor of Bolingbrook (Mixed)

Will County Board member and former Bolingbrook mayoral candidate Jackie Traynere announced on social media that she will be running for mayor of Bolingbrook in 2021.

“Here in Bolingbrook, we have a court of village trustees and a king-like mayor,” said Traynere in her video.  “It is with that in mind that I am here today with my independent voice to keep us moving forward and begin the process of shedding our yoke of oppression.”

The New World Order released a statement endorsing Traynere:  “We are confident that Jackie will help us liberate Clow UFO Base from the Illuminati and bring a new era of freedom and responsibility to Bolingbrook.  (Mayor Roger Claar’s) defection from our Order will be avenged, and the universe will once again flock to Bolingbrook.  E Pluribus Unum!”

The Illuminati released the following statement:  “We are confident that there will be no elections in 2021 due to another wave of COVID-19 infections and the start of the Second Civil War.  Jackie Traynere’s campaign will be lost in the chaos, and the New World Order will finally be destroyed.  Fnord!”

The political action committee Voters Who Put Bolingbrook First released a statement:  “While we have many disagreements with Jackie, we hope that she will listen to us after we flood social media with anti-Claar memes.  Never Claar!  Don’t be fooled again!”

One Bolingbrook One Party PAC released the following statement:  “Jackie has no experience as Bolingbrook Patch Mayor.  Therefore, Trustee Michael Carpanzano is the only positive choice for the next Mayor of Bolingbrook!”

Claar’s comments were unprintable.

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