Are you registered? (Non-fiction)

Edit:  Now I find out tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is going to be one of the most critical US elections in my lifetime.  Are we going to have a Congress that will thoroughly investigate the Trump administration or one that will cover for him?  Will we have officials that will support secular government or officials that will push for Christian theocracy?    Do we want officials who will push for better voter access or voter suppression?

It’s not enough to complain about the current state of affairs.  We also have to vote.  So I encourage to all my readers to check to make sure they are registered and to check every month to make sure you’re still registered to vote.  Especially in states that are actively trying to purge their voter rolls.  Also to guard against hackers tampering with your information.  If you haven’t registered, you can get started here. 

I’m recovering from surgery.  So the regular stories should resume on Thursday.

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