My Freethought Blogs CARNIVAL OF CURIOSITY schedule for the weekend of 9/25/20 to 9/27/20 (Non-fiction)

In addition to holding an auction, I’m also doing four events for this weekend’s Carnival of Curiosity, a fundraiser for the network, and to pay off the consolidated legal bills from the recently concluded S.L.A.P.P. case.  Donations can be sent to either our PayPal or to our GoFundMe! So if you want to see the guy who survived poking fun at Mayor Emeritus Roger Claar for years, here’s my schedule of events:

Parade of Bloggers, part I (Friday, 5pm PT-8pm ET, 1am BST):  I’ll be joining some of my fellow bloggers as we preview our events, talk about our blogs, and who knows what else.

The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (Saturday, 3pm PT-6pm ET, 11pm BST):  I’ll be doing the very first live public reading of The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story.  I will take reasonable questions if I can figure out how the chat feature works on YouTube.  🙂 Starts at 5pm Bolingbrook time.  🙂

The Quiz (Saturday, 6pm PT-9pm ET, 2 am BST):  Will I figure out the QI format before I participate?  Will I avenge my game show loss at TAM 9 to PZ Myers?  Find out!

The Panel of Inexpert Discussion (1-pm PT-4pm ET, 9pm BST):  Babbler columnist Dale Onofrey has taken on skeptics, taken on politics, and now he’s ready to take on expertise itself!  Dale will join a panel of inexperts to shatter the boundaries of thinkable thought.  Can thinking be too free?  Find out!

You can also check out the other carnival events here.  Crip Dyke is also hosting an auction for a custom story.  I’ve put in a bid, but I’m sure you guys have better ideas for her to bring to life.  So outbid me!  🙂

Do not forget that the purpose of this glorious weekend of fun and frolic is to entice you to make donations to either our PayPal or to our GoFundMe!

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