The Mayors of Bolingbrook: Mary Alexander-Basta (2020) Mixed

Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta (Image from the First Party for Bolingbrook site.)

At the start of what we think history will call the raging 20s, first-term trustee Mary Alexander-Basta volunteered to be Bolingbrook’s first new mayor in 33 years. With only one abstention, the trustees elected her to be Bolingbrook’s third female mayor. 

While it’s still early in her term, she’s already won a mayoral election and has shown a willingness to listen to Bolingbrook’s opposition parties. Implementing their policies, however, remains to be seen. Despite some concerns, she’s remained a loyal member of the Illuminati, despite missing several rituals since becoming mayor. Alien ambassadors have praised her for being friendly and diplomatic, as well as, “not being like the previous human administrator.” She might be the only mayor who can make a video stream of a snowplow ride entertaining.

She’s had a few missteps, like trying to bump off the garbage fee/tax referendum off the ballot by adding three referendums of her own to the March 2021 ballot. Some also question her decision to allow the Martian Colonies to maintain a military base in Bolingbrook. Her failed attempt to grow a new trustee angered some residents.

A few months into her term, Alexander-Basta gave her first interview with the Babbler. It was refreshingly non-combative. (Out of Character: There are her actual answers, and I appreciate she took the time to respond. I edited parts of her answers for clarity.)

Bolingbrook Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta gives her first Babbler interview!

When Mayor Roger Claar stepped down after 33 years in office, Trustee Mary Alexander-Basta, to the surprise of some residents, stepped up to become the acting mayor of Bolingbrook.  

The Babbler, after many calls, psychic interventions, and possible aid from an alien ambassador, finally managed to get an email interview with her. Though it turned out to be a short interview, she did announce a major shift in the Village’s diplomatic stance towards the Martian Colonies.

The following are her replies to our questions:

Why did you volunteer to become the acting mayor?

When Roger retired state statutes require that his replacement come from the sitting board. I was voted in unanimously by the Trustees. 

In an interview with The American University in Cairo, you stated that your goals were to “maintain what was built by Mayor Roger C. Claar” and “to keep Bolingbrook a place to grow, a place where individuals or families of any size, age and nationality are able to call it home.” Since serving as the acting mayor, have your goals changed or have you added new goals?

As Mayor those continue to be my goals. Additionally my goal is to provide more transparency, more discussion to unite residents on issues facing our community, and continued careful planning. I also plan to work with other area Mayors as well as continue to work with the Heritage Corridor and the DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote Bolingbrook 

What have been your greatest challenges during your term as mayor?

My greatest challenges have been to find creative ways to help our restaurants, hotels and small businesses survive during these unprecedented times.

What have been your greatest successes?

My successes include settling the Fire contract, getting a tree trimming project approved for the first time over 4000 trees in our village will be trimmed. Hiring a Police Chief, Hiring a Fire Chief. With the assistance of the Village’s CIO (Chief Information Officer) we continue to introduce new technology to make it easier for residents and businesses to interact with the village, report issues and monitor the status of the results. Additionally we provide more info on what is happening in the village by way of Social Media, Bolingbrook App, Brook Alerts, BCTV channel 6 & Village Website.

Will you run for mayor in the 2021 election?

Yes I announced my candidacy on Monday, November 9, 2020

Will the crew of Clow UFO Base still host the annual holiday concert, even though the base is locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Just like all other community events, things will have to look a little different this year. Fortunately, the technology required to communicate in space is advanced enough to bring the concert directly to our living rooms through virtual, interactive experience.

How will you maintain peace between the wereskunks and the weredogs?

We have been in communication with the weresquirrels, and they have agreed to maintain an open line of communications with the animal space world should anything arise.

As you are aware, a secret tunnel now connects Hidden Lakes with Lake Whalon. This tunnel allows the Hidden Lakes Monster to swim in Lake Whalon. Some people say the monster is depleting Lake Whalon’s fish population. Do you agree the fish are depleted, and should the Hidden Lakes Monster still have access to Lake Whalon?

It’s actually a common misconception that the Hidden Lakes Monster feeds on fish. He is actually a vegetarian. He has been crossing the tunnel as they have formed an alliance against other predators. However, that passage will be monitored more closely now due to social distancing guidelines.

As many residents know, the Martian Colonial Marines have a cloaked outpost on the former site of Old Chicago.  They want to establish a permanent base and disguise it as an Amazon Warehouse.  Former Mayor Roger Claar threatened to sue the Martian Colonies in Interstellar Court if they didn’t withdraw from Bolingbrook.  Will you follow through on that threat?

It’s important to remember that Bolingbrook is a diverse community that welcomes all. As long as they maintain peace and contribute to our community in a positive manner we will have no issues.

Our psychics don’t know how long Alexander-Basta will serve as Bolingbrook’s mayor. Will she win reelection, or will Bolingbrook revert to its tradition of mayors only serving a single term? All we can say is that when her term ends, we will interview her successor. Because, as our former publisher Chris Olson used to say, as long as there’s a Bolingbrook, there will be a Bolingbrook Babbler!

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