Meet the newest FTB member (Non-fiction)

Dan Arel, a former Patheos blogger,  just joined Freethought Blogs:

However, today I am thrilled to relaunch on Freethought Blogs and begin a new chapter in my life. I decided to keep the name, first because it still has some recognition, but second and most importantly it fits what I hope this blog will be, which is a discussion and exploration of culture, society, and humans. By this I mean, I will be discussing politics, and exploring my political beliefs. I will be discussing religion and the atheist/secular community, and I will even be discussing other passions like mine such as technology and data privacy.

It’s nice to reverse the trend of losing bloggers to Patheos.  He’ll be providing his perspective on labor issues, secularism, and parenting.

He was recently interviewed by Steve Shives:

Welcome to the network, Dan!


  1. nowamfound says

    hope that the government governs?
    did mowcow mitch die or something?
    we got 4 more years of do nothing rethuglicans

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