Mayor Alexander-Basta lays wreath at the Bolingbrook Time War Memorial (Fiction)

Bolingbrook Mary Alexander-Basta laid a wreath at the Time War Memorial to honor those who died before the Men in Blue erased the invaders from the timeline. Some of the formally deceased watched the ceremony.

The Bolingbrook Time War occurred in 1984 when a military force from the year 3000 appeared and attacked Bolingbrook. Despite facing a force with far superior technology, the Village of Bolingbrook repelled the invasion. After a Martian Colonial gunship delayed the invaders, then Mayor Ed Rosenthal sent a team of Men in Blue were sent to the future to destroy their time machine prototype. The MiB succeeded, and time 

“I still get a weird feeling attending my memorial,” said Jessie X. Armstrong, who was a police officer. “Still, it beats being a ghost. It’s more like I got a second chance at life.”

Alexander-Basta delivered a short speech after the ceremony, praising them for their “temporary inconvenience.”

“Some of you willingly made the ultimate sacrifice. Some of you were caught off guard. But thanks to all of you, Bolingbrook’s residents can enjoy our newest eatery, Afternoon!”

After reading a poem composed by the village’s secret AI, BrookBot, she looked down at her phone, then smiled. “Florida just banned the poem I just recited. That means it must be good.”

She concluded her speech by saying, “Twitter users want to know how to win a time war. The answer is in front of me. All of you are the reason Bolingbrook won the time war.”

After her speech, a veteran recited Mark Twain’s “War Prayer,” then walked offstage.

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Quick life/author update (Non-fiction)

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Bolingbrook readies its own currency (Fiction)

With the US Government weeks away from a possible debt default, the Village is working on own currency.

One source, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “No one should question the full faith and credit of the Village of Bolingbrook.”

Should the US Government default on its debt, The Village of Bolingbrook will allow its residents to exchange their dollars for Brook Bucks, the current name for the currency. Local businesses will be expected to accept Brook Bucks. It is hoped, however, that businesses outside of Bolingbrook will accept Brook Bucks as legal tender.

According to the sources, Village officials believe Brook Bucks will be seen as a safe haven against hyper inflation, soaring US interest rates, and a general global economic meltdown.

In designs leaked to the Babbler, Brook Bucks will be a decibel based currency. The one Brook Buck bill will be called the Roger, after former Mayor Roger Claar. The five Brook Buck bill will be called the Bailey, after former Mayor Robert Bailey. The ten Brook Buck bill will be called the Carp, after current Village Trustee Michael Carpanzano. The 20 and 50 Brook Buck bills will be named after Claar’s daughter and granddaughter. The 100 Brook Buck bill will be called the Rosie, after former Mayor Edward Rosenthal. The two Brook Buck bill will be called the Mary, after the current mayor Mary Alexander-Basta. According to the sources, the coins are still being designed, but the .005 coin will be called the Watts, after outgoing Village Trustee Sheldon Watts.

Said another anonymous source, “The village has a lot of bond debts, but we’re making our payments. We also have a global reputation for excellence. Which means we could become the standard currency for global trade. Instead of buying oil in dollars, countries would buy it in Rogers!”

President Joe Biden’s secretary said he was busy and would call back when sensible people run the Republican Party. In the background, a man who sounded like Biden said, “Here’s the deal. We’ll mint a $2 Trillion platinum coin with an engraved image of Donald Trump. The Republicans will be too afraid of offending Donald to stop us.”

A receptionist for Alexander-Basta said she was busy and couldn’t be disturbed. In the background, a woman who sounded like Alexander-Basta said, “And who will redesign the cover?”

A man replied, “We’ll have the good folks at Fiverr—” An alarm sounded. The man chuckled. “Did I say Fiverr? I mean, the fine folks at Miblart will redesign your cover.”

“Fiverr’s sponsorship ran out, didn’t it?”

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