1. Steve Morrison says

    So, is this a picture of the future—a boot stamping on a human face, forever?

  2. drew says

    Seems lost on you, but the “centrist” bit is clearly aimed at today’s liberals who preach “harm reduction” and consider anti-capitalists far left extremists. These are not concepts deployed by conservatives.

    In response, I ask everyone to radicalize – you, too, can be a leftist even if the Democrats left us!

  3. badland says

    Drew is so radicalised he believes Trump is preferable to Biden, which goes to show his opinion for the stinking pile of shit it is.

    I hope I’m not mischaracterising your Don’t-vote-for-Biden position there Drew.

  4. StevoR says

    @8.Drew, the regular drive-by here* : What sort of “Leftist” or progressive or decent human being wants Trump – an actual fascist and clear and present danger to Democracy in the USA and the rest of planet to take power?

    Its the simple, stark, unpleasant reality that the USA’s Presidential race is binary and is a choice between two options – either Biden or Trump. One or the other of them.** You’d seriously pick Trump?

    If so, turn in your “leftist”card and stop pretending. You’ve just proven you’re no Leftist at all.

    .* Oxymoron tho’ that might be. Noticd that Drew seems to regfularly post a single often troll-ish comment then refuses to engage in any further discussion NOT subsequently answering questions or responding to criticism.

    .** Yes, that sucks. Yes, it needs to be changed. Once again, reform your shitty system Americans so you actually get a real choice and can actually vote tosend a message without electing the worst possible candidate and, oh yeah, make it so one person actually = one vote instead of one Californian’s vote beuing valued at one a quarter or so of one Wyomingites vote.

    (See yet again : NB. Approximating to nearest whole fraction,Little doubt the population of California has grown relatively to Wyoming’s since anyhow.)

  5. awomanofnoimportance says

    I am less than thrilled about Biden’s Middle East policy, but if I were to vote on that issue alone, the idea that Trump’s Middle East policy would be an improvement is laughable. I think it was Barney Frank who said that voting was like being in a single’s pick-up bar at ten minutes before closing time — you focus on getting the least repulsive of what’s still available. And least repulsive seems to be Biden, at least for now.

  6. chrislawson says

    ‘These are not concepts deployed by conservatives.’

    What BS. Conservative media is rife with pundits demonising moderate, even centrist positions as left-wing extremism.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    Staying out of this one. Politics and religion trigger me, sending me into an angry cascade of ranting and raving.

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