Bolingbrook’s ‘unofficial’ political parties respond to the 2018 State of the Village address (Fiction)

Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar delivered the 2018 State of the Village address last week.  As in the past, we have asked Bolingbrook’s opposition parties to respond.  The official opposition party, Bolingbrook United, sent us their response.  Below are the replies we received from Bolingbrook’s unofficial opposition parties: The Roger Claar Party, The Chicagoland Party, The Art Bell Party, and the Bolingbrook Pride Party.

The Roger Claar Party

“A great mayor deserves a great party.”

Note:  The Roger Claar Party is not affiliated with Claar.

Wow!  What a great speech!  I’m still in tears.  We’ve grown so much, and become so successful as a village.  We have Mayor Roger Claar to thank for making Bolingbrook the best community in the world!  Personally, I think we’re so successful that Money Magazine secretly decided to retire us from their listings to give other places a chance to be listed.

…But imagine how much greater Roger could be if he weren’t shackled by the Me First Roger Second party?  They say they support Roger, but do they?  Why aren’t they physically throwing themselves in front of a certain trustee to prevent him from entering Village Hall?  Why aren’t they investigating anyone with ties to Cook County? What is their real agenda?

Our real agenda is clear.  We want to help Roger take Bolingbrook to the next level.  We want this term to be so successful, that he’ll decide to run for reelection.  We want the world to see what can happen when a political party lets Roger be Roger.

Will you help us?

The Chicagoland Party

“Stop dividing us.”

When you look down at the Chicago area from space, you don’t Bolingbrook, Naperville, or Chicago.  You see one large community.

Unfortunately, the situation on the ground is much different.  Chicagoland is needlessly divided by artificial political lines.  We send our teenagers to compete in sports competitions against each other.  We say people within one imaginary boundary are better than another.

We are not Bolingbrook, Naperville, or Chicago or any other name.  We are Chicagoland, and for the good of our community, we need to stop dividing ourselves.

Roger brags about Bolingbrook, but the truth is our success is the result of being part of Chicagoland.  There is no wall separating us from the rest of Chicagoland.  Corporations move here because they want to be a part of Chicagoland.  How many people live here, but work in the surrounding communities?

It’s time for a bold leadership that will do away with suburbs, including Bolingbrook.  It’s time for us to embrace the fact that we are all residents of Chicagoland.

The Art Bell Party

“Keeping an eye on Bolingbrook’s skies.”

How can Mayor Roger Claar talk about Bolingbrook and not mention the recent sightings of Mothman?  Whenever Mothman appears, something grave happens.  What is Bolingbrook doing to protect its residents from the coming doom?  Anything?

We could be facing certain doom, and all Roger cares about are business licenses and corporate headquarters! Roger, you need to drop everything and reach out to Mothman.  It could be the difference between life and death!

Also, not once in his speech did Claar acknowledge the existence of Clow UFO Base.  Every resident knows that Clow is the real reason for Bolingbrook’s success.  Is he trying to claim credit for the work of otherworldly beings?

Bolingbrook deserves a mayor who won’t try to cover up its supernatural nature- one who embraces it instead.  We are the most important village in the galaxy.  Unlike a certain mayor, we aren’t afraid to tell the public this!

Bolingbrook Pride Party

“What has fallen may stand again.”

There was once a party that proclaimed it was proud to be residents of Bolingbrook.  That party built our infrastructure, and thus the foundation to make Bolingbrook great.

Now things are different.  Bolingbrook has corporate headquarters instead of cornfields, but even the most Claar loving resident knows that something isn’t right.  Sure people do well, but only if you’re friends with the mayor.  He brags about Bolingbrook’s economic development, yet anyone can look at Bolingbrook Commons and know that something is not right.  There is no pride in Bolingbrook.

That’s why we’ve brought back the Bolingbrook Pride Party.  We’re going to bring back not only real transparency but a commitment to serve all residents — not just the ones who own businesses.  We’re going to make sure that all streets are plowed, including the cul-de-sacs.  The days of overpriced golf clubs and subsidized airports will come to an end.

Critics will call us a zombie party.  We prefer to think of our selves as Crows, coming back from the afterlife to the right the wrongs committed by Roger, and leaving behind a Bolingbrook we can all be proud to call ourselves residents of.

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