Audio excerpt from The Rift

Audiobook narrator Teri Schnaubelt was kind enough to read an excerpt from my novel The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story. I don’t have a link to the TikTok live video, but I uploaded her audio file to YouTube:

It’s currently available in eBook and paperback editions. If enough people are interested, I might produce an audiobook with Teri or another narrator. You can let me know in the comments.






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    If I was going to pick an excerpt , think I would have gone with the first weredeer attack. But that’s fun to hear something you read, professionally VA’d. Thanks for getting it where I could hear it, having missed the TikToking.

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    I thought about using the weredeer attack, but I went with the early scene with Sara so Teri wouldn’t have to due two male voices. Plus there’s one word that might have violated the Community Guidelines. (TikTok enforcement of their rules is odd, even for a social media network.) If I ever get a human narrated audiobook of The Rift out, I will consider the weredeer attack as the audio sample.

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