May Flowers – Yellow

Here comes another one

It Was All Yellow

Anyone else remember when that song “Yellow” by Coldplay was big on the radio?  That was somethin’ else.  That shit was everywhere.  Car radios goin’ by, in the aisles of your local pharmacy and grocery store, blastin’ down on your bloomin’ onion at the Red Robin, ghost echo earbuds on the bus before sound-cancelling was a thing.

First it was the song, then the world kinda went nuts for yellow.  That singer from coldplay married a yellow-haired lady, said he did it because her hair was yellow.  It was in his vows, look it up.  That yellow-haired lady started drinkin’ her own pee, said the color yellow is good for you.  I shit you not.  Meanwhile, everybody was drinkin’ beer instead of liquor and wine.  They painted all the hospitals the color of buttermilk.  And yellow fever killed like a million people in the tropics.

Crazy times, when “Yellow” by Coldplay was big on the radio.  I gotta say, I was not immune.  Sometimes I’d sing it in the shower.  Not really sing, because I can’t carry a tune.  I’d just say the lyrics while talkin’ like the Coldplay guy.  You know, like a harmonica with cheeks fulla cottonballs.  Then I started talkin’ like that when I was at work, and then everybody else started doin’ it too.  I couldn’t stop, no matter how serious the situation got.  I was honkin’ and buzzin’ through the eulogy at my mom’s funeral, while makin’ sweet love and proposin’ to my lady.  And when she said I do?  You know how she said it.

It really came to a head when our kids were born.  It goes without sayin’ they were conceived while that song was playing.  You know, “Yellow,” by Coldplay.  But we all got sick of it eventually, and moved on.  The song wasn’t done with us yet, at least, not the color.  My twins were born with jaundice.  Poor little Chris and Gwyneth, they had to go on dialysis until they could get kiddie kidney transplants.

Anyway, glad that piss is over.  It’s time to move on, like dandelions in the spring, like canaries in coal mines, like the color that happens between green and red at the intersection, like the sap that hardens around a livin’ creature and preserves its death to the limit of eternity.  It’s sure over.  It sure is.


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