FTB Presents: A Dark Web (Part 1)

Freethought Blogs is proud to present an epic tale of..whatever the twisted minds of our bloggers can come up with.  If you survive this tale of anarchistic terror, consider making a donation or checking out the other spine-tingling happening for FTB’s October event!
As the night consumed the last rays of sunlight, the glowing neon lights of Lucy’s Bar and Grill stood out in the darkness like a lighthouse in a sea of ripe cornfields.  The residents of Gabrel’s Crest, population 300,  had long since retreated to their homes after an afternoon of trick or treating.  Curtains covered all the residential windows.  Not a single porch light was turned on.  Mary’s Meat Shop and Joe’s Relics, the only two businesses in Gabrel’s Crest, were closed for the night.  Cars streamed towards Lucy’s, like illuminated blood flowing towards a glowing heart.  Lucy’s full parking lot forced most of the guests to line their cars along Gabrel’s Crest small roads.  The visitors to Gabrel’s Crest, many wearing costume masks and almost none wearing protective masks, filled the otherwise still cool fall air with laughter and chatter as they walked towards Lucy’s.
A portable sign promised a “Very Special Halloween Party.”  On top of the sign, an LED display scrolled the following message:  “Abandon your cares and hope you have a good time at Lucy’s.”
Several yards away, a black pickup truck waited near the intersection of State Highway 1 and Chris Road.  The four occupants each wore dark neck gaiters and baseball caps.  One detached a badge from her belt.
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