Dr. Jennifer McCreight on Gender Identity (Non-Fiction)

Dr. Jennifer McCreight, a Genomics Ph.D. who used to run Blag Hag on this network, recently created a PDF providing a basic overview of the science behind sex and gender.  As she tweeted:

As someone still learning about these issues, I thought it was a good overview.



  1. Allison says

    I thought it was okay, but then I’ve been immersed in this stuff for quite a while. The gender stuff was, from my perspective, oversimplified, but I guess that’s the level the average cis person can undertand.

    I couldn’t help wondering who her intended audience was, though.

  2. says

    1) Thanks for the comment Allison. Jennifer created it as part of a presentation for their coworkers. That’s why its very simplified. I think she’s planning on revising at some point.

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