A Christian Homophobe Got Me Angry And THIS Happened!


  1. athyco says

    God botherer. The slang has made me quip that I’m perfectly fine with them if only they’d stick to their god being the one they’re bothering.

    They seldom realize that “he” puts up with them exactly to the level of their own individual patience/attention span.
    They never realize that it’s in the service of a personal mental pathology that we’ve allowed to go uncritically analyzed for too long that they try to organize society for others.

    I enjoyed hearing the approval from the crowd as you spoke. I hope you enjoyed it as much in the moment.

  2. says

    Droning on about what “god” supposedly told him is the “truth” … God has a lot to answer for and boring dipshits using biblical bullshit to justify their bigotry is one of many. At least you told him! Doubt he’ll change his mind though.

  3. CGM3 says

    oolon @ #3:

    You reminded me of one of my favorite “unattributable quotes” (can’t remember where I heard/read it or who said/wrote it, but it stuck in my mind): “If God really exists, then He has a lot to answer for.”

  4. Joel Pelletier says

    Nice, he got schooled! Probably won’t help much as he’s probably to far gone but there were surely others nearby that benefited from hearing some passionate reason smash his casual bigotry.


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