Marriage Equality for England and Wales; A Victory for Equality!

Great news! There is Marriage equality at last for England and Wales! The House of Lords has now passed the equal marriage bill at its Third Reading for England and Wales. The bill should receive Royal Assent soon. This will pave the way for same-sex couples to have access to marriage equality.

This is a positive step forward not just for England and Wales, but for humanity as a whole too.


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Kudos to every individual and organization, who lobbied their lawmakers, rallied and stood up for Marriage equality.

I join all progressive minded humans to celebrate with England and Wales on this momentous occasion.

The Equality train must go round faster and faster. It is my hope that the equality train arrives in Africa sooner than later, it surely must have a stopover in Nigeria soon.

Enjoy the pictures from the various rallies outside the Parliament during the hearings. One love!

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  1. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Amy- I am yet to catch a glimpse of this on the BBC news here in UK! I hope it gets a better coverage when it is finally signed into Law in a few days. BTW, thanks for the BBC news link.

  2. A Hermit says

    Nice to hear some good news today!

    News that makes this old straight dude indescribably happy. I’ve been married for thirty years; I know the value of love and commitment and of having that commitment publicly and legally recognized and acknowledged.

    Congratulations to all my brothers and sisters who will no longer be denied that right. It’s about time…

  3. tigzy says

    Yemmy -- that guy you were giving well-deserved telling-off to in that vid looks a hell of a lot like Stephen Green, noted principal of Christian Voice -- a group whose sole function in society appears to be the supply of outraged rent-a-quotes to reactionary UK newspapers.

    The man is little more than a joke -- albeit a supremely nasty one, by all accounts. Personally, I can’t quite see the basis on which the revolting Mr Green (if it is him in that vid) should prop himself up as some sort of Champion For The Sanctity of Marriage, Oh Yea and Hallelujah, when he himself didn’t quite see it as being sacred enough to prevent numerous incidents of prolonged wife-beating -- apparently:

  4. firsttimereader says

    Yemmy, you are of course right to celebrate this. I didn’t think the video made you look that fair though. This man has a history of spouting hateful comments and holds some very strange and archaic views, but it just shows you shouting over him, he will probably spin that as being harassed by the loony LGBT community. Not good PR, is my point.

    Also Tigzy, a quick check of the link you provide and a simple google will show that he denies all allegations, states no charges were ever brought, and that his ex wife had a restraining order placed on her by police due to her aggressive behavior towards him. She sold the story to the mail on Sunday. I don’t like the man, but. you know…attack him for his opinions.

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