Happpy 48th Birthday to me!

Wishing myself a very happy 48th Birthday on planet earth. This has not been the happiest of my birthdays as the past few months have been about healing from loss and fighting hard to not let the haters, who can’t stand BlackGirlMagic, silence my voice at work.

However, I am grateful for life, good health and prosperity. I am proud that in the face of adversities, my crown has not slipped, this queen is still standing strong and proud.

The past year has tested and reminded me of things that have kept me strong, happy and contented over the years. They are also things I will be taking into the next stage of my life. A few of these reminders are-

1- I am my own tribe and there is nothing wrong with this because j am enough.

2- Never sweat the small stuff, life is too short

3- When things gets tough, take a deep breath, adjust my crown and face life head high.

4- Never expect anything from anyone because the things I value most, compassion, empathy, loyalty and honesty, are the things humans find most difficult to give.

5- Continue to be myself wherever I go. My whole self is a gift to anyone lucky enough to be in my presence.

6- Never let the world change my smile or take away my joy. My life is mine to live, not for others to ruin.

7- Remember the loved ones I have lost with happiness because they live on in my heart .Therefore I must make my heart a happy place for them to be.

8- Family are those who love, respect and show me compassion. Never let blood determine who I call family or who stay in my life.

9- Hold my loved ones closer to my heart because the greatest gift of all is unconditional love.

10- Live. Love. Laugh today because tomorrow is never promised.

Thanks to everyone who has enriched my life one way or the other, may we all celebrate many more years of love, happiness and good health.


    • Yemisi Ilesanmi says

      Thanks! Happy August birthday to you too! Three of my childhood friends are August babies, and my son is also an August baby. I think August babies rock!

  1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Happy birthday.
    I wish you wrote more. I think you have unique life experiences that we all would be interested in hearing.

    • Yemisi Ilesanmi says

      Thanks ☺️.
      Yes, I know I haven’t been writing much ( or at all),. However, this is about to change, watch this space!

  2. StevoR says

    Belated happy birthday from me. Just seen this -- hope you had a great day and wishing you many more great days and nights to come.

    • Yemisi Ilesanmi says

      Thank you 😊 Trying so hard not to think of the 50s now but would welcome it if lucky enough to join the 50s club.

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