I don’t walk straight

Not even for the bait

I am merry yet not gay

I am bi and I can bray

But greed

Is not my seal

Yet you all snigger

Calling me a player

Our goal is acceptance

Where is the tolerance?


I am not gay enough

To be wholly enfolded

Not sufficiently lesbian

To be totally embraced

Should I even say Trans?

I can’t brace the rants!

You preach diversity

As community necessity

But are quick to sneer and leer

Whenever I am near


Yes, in the mall

I want it all

With the dick

I play and lick

And the boobs

Makes me swoon

The big breasted

Leaves me besotted

With the queers

I will play in the square


With the pussy

I get all fussy

The shaven sight

To suckle all night

Bouncy bums

I love to bump

Smooth balls

I like to smooch

With the Pecs

I need no specs


I am bisexual, not a player

Stop being my slayer

I am bisexual not confused

Like you I choose my companion

It is a natural attraction

Not just a mere selection

With love I embrace my lover   tender love

It matters not the gender

All I want is tenderness

For my love is genderless.

By (c) Yemisi Ilesanmi


  1. ConcentratedH2O, OM says

    Dear Yemmy, this one really got to me! Absolutely beautiful, and obviously very heartfelt.

    I don’t want to tell an artist how to make their art, but if I may I have some words which rhyme and you may like to use them in future works:

    Feet -- -- -meat (or meet)
    Sponge -- -- -- plunge
    Head -- -- -- bread (or bred)
    Breasts -- -- -- dressed
    Horror -- -- -- bother
    Cry -- -- -- buy (or by) (or bye, which can also be extended to goodbye or byebye depending on the feeling of the verse)

    Anyway, that was just my ideas, please keep on writing these, every one of them has made me think.

    Thank you.

  2. says

    But don’t you know sKepptiksowat there are no trolls at the Symepit, only ppl disagreeing with them are trolls! Personally I’m glad to see the “mod” of the Slymepit in the wild and out of his safe space, he looks so wonderfully exposed in the open.

  3. ismenia says

    I like it. I’ve observed the prejudice against bisexuals in the lesbian scene and in the mainstream. When I tell people I’m bi I often get asked, “Does your husband know?”, followed by, “Does he mind?” usually in tones that suggest that he ought to mind.

  4. badgersdaughter says

    Oh, for fuck’s sake, why is that “does your husband know” even a thing? I’m straight as quality control in a ruler factory, but if I should tell someone I’m straight, the first thing on their minds is not going to be whether my husband knows I might be attracted to other guys. Sure, I might be, and sure, he knows. Just like I know he might be attracted to other women. We’ve chosen to be monogamous, so we won’t act on that attraction. And you chose to be monogamous as well, or you chose some other mutually acceptable arrangement, and you will act accordingly, and I have no say in the matter and no right to get my opinions on you. 🙂

  5. abear says

    Cool poem Yemmy! I like to write stochastic (holistic) poetry like this short piece:

    Stepping In It
    I stepped in some dog oolon this morning
    It was hidden in the grass, gave me no warning
    I scraped at it with a little stick
    The smell nearly made me sick

  6. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @ConcentratedH2O, OM Thanks. I am glad you felt the poem too. I will surely consider using your suggested rhymes in my future works. 🙂

  7. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Lsuoma- My blog is for adults, not kindergarten kids or adults who behave like one. If you have an urge to practice your bullying skills, find some other space, definitely not on my blog. Read my comment policy, any other violation of that policy would earn you a ban. BTW, my name is not “Yammi”, at least have the decency to look up the correct spelling.

  8. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @ismenia Thanks. As a bisexual I have experienced this a lot in the LGBT community, even amongst my lesbian friends. Biphobia is real and this phobia should not have a space in the LGBT community. I will be writing more on this issue soon.

  9. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @abear That was very childish of you. Please read my comment policy. My wall is not a space to play your juvenile games. If you want to write a smear poem, go write it on your space; do not use my space for your personal attacks. Consider this the warning before the ban.

  10. Rob L says

    Yemisi and abear, both great poems. Fun and insightful.
    Hope to see more from both of you (and maybe some other people will post more in other comments).

  11. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @A Demonic Duck Of Some Sort- If you are stupid enough to leave such a comment on my blog, you surely do not have the mental capacity to occupy space on my blog. A ban stares your ignorant ass in the face.

  12. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    Rob L- Please do not encourage people to post smear poems in my comment thread, especially not after i had categorically stated that such is not welcomed on my blog. Such action would earn you a ban.

  13. abear says

    Sorry Yemmy, I will try to be nicer in the future.
    Thanks Rob L. It’s nice to know that some people like my poetry.

  14. eucliwood says

    Okay, I know some people are cracking on this poem but I thought it was alright, especially some parts that people are cracking on. I liked the steamy parts in the poem, being sexual in the head and all 😉

    Anyway, the general message seems to be bisexual people being accused of not being bisexual, yknow, “they’re actually straight trying to be ‘cool'” or “they’re gay looking at better chances for acceptance” and some people that seem to think you can only be attracted to one sex (Amber from Bad Girls Club… o.O) “Which one, Flo? Penis or vagina?” -- paraphrased.

    ~Sister Eu

  15. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @eucliwood Thanks, yeah the general message is to dispel the myth that bisexuals are just greedy or confused. We aren’t greedy, we are just lucky not to be allergic to gender! BTW I got some steamy sexual poems, watch this page! 🙂

  16. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @lostintime That is interesting to hear. I have had some bis tell me they love reading the poem aloud to themselves, I think a performance of it would be great! Glad you and your BF loved it.


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