May Day: Organise not Agonise!

Every day, the divide between the Rich and the Poor widens, few overpaid workers, some well-paid workers and many underpaid workers. On this special day, please spare a minute to remember the millions of unemployed people; many made redundant by the many budget cuts. Many unemployed people are desperately seeking to enter the workforce, to keep a roof over their heads, put food on the table for their children and struggling to pay bills. Underpaid workers and the unemployed bear the brunt of nasty government policies.

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Help turn on the light at the end of the tunnel for many unemployed people left struggling to make ends meet due to economic downturn, corporate greed, redundancy and many avoidable budget cuts. Together We Can!

As Nelson Mandela said – “Jobs, jobs and jobs are the dividing line in many families between a decent life and a 22410_1003305643013558_5272451160578324959_nwretched existence. They are, to many, the difference between self-esteem and helplessness.”

We don’t just need jobs, we need decent jobs with decent pay. We need jobs that meet health and safety standards. We need take home pay that can actually take us home!

Oppression is not mitigated by the name the oppressive political party calls itself or whether it affiliates with the 166965_308176609198056_100000171585337_1489251_754388533_nRight or Left. Oppression is oppression whether inflicted by the 1% or by the 99%. We should organise to kick out oppression in whatever form it manifests itself.

Do not be the boot on your neighbours’ throat. Do not contribute to the oppression of your gay, bisexual, trans, female, physically or mentally disabled colleague or neighbours. Be the change you want to see because united we stand, divided we fall.

We must continue to Organise and Unionise but we must also do so with the right people, not opportunists who will dump our collective struggle when a carrot is dangled in front of them. Let us not lay waste our power; show opportunists the door.

Suffering and Smiling is an appealing option to my fellow Nigerians, but it is a pathetic option. Crying is not a solution because the tears won’t stop flowing as there is so much to wail about. Do not Agonise, just Organise.

As an International Labour Organisation quote says, “Poverty anywhere is a threat to Prosperity everywhere”. Acknowledging that poverty exists and needs to be eradicated is a step forward. World leaders and followers might not agree on ways to mitigate poverty, but it still behoves on us all to continue to push our governments to commit to development programmes and realising the Millennium Development Goals.

We need to choose carefully and decisively who represent us in governments and international organisations.

As UK goes to election in a few days, let us remember, every vote counts. We can do better than a hung parliament. 418174_237434969681584_148843731874042_490285_1280691442_nThis is an opportunity to use your vote as your voice.

A vote for the conservatives says you are for the !% rich, budget cuts, privatisation of important services like Health care, and trampling on the most vulnerable in the society to pander to the whims of the rich.

A vote for UKIP clearly says you are a raging racist, homophobe who wants immigrants thrown out of UK

A vote for the Lib-Dems says you just don’t care enough about real change.

Let us use our vote wisely. Let us continue to demand and fight for progressive reforms. Let us use our vote for the progress of humanity.

Every follower deserves the kind of leadership they get. Let us all do our bit, every little counts. Do not AGONISE, let us UNIONISE and ORGANISE!

As we celebrate international Workers Day, let us extend solidarity to workers in places like Istanbul where governments are clamping down on any celebration of Workers’ Day.

As we know, the true measure of any society’s civilisation is how it treats its most vulnerable members including the sick, the poor, handicapped, LGBTs, elderly and of course, its children. Workers of the world Unite!

Happy International Workers’ Day!

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