The Next Treatment

I mentioned in a previous post that the cancer had returned and that I’d be getting yet another round of treatments.  The plan was to start four weeks of more aggressive radiation, twice a day for five days per week, and start another round of chemotherapy on radiation day 1.  That changed for some reason I don’t remember; so the current plan is to do just the chemo today, tomorrow and Wednesday, and then start the radiation and second session of three days of chemo on the 28th.

2024-05-06 13:30:

Here I sit getting my first of three days of chemotherapy.  I got started shortly after noon with some administrivia, three drugs administered from a syringe hooked up to the IV, and a bag of some drug that took about half an hour to drip.  Bag number two has started and will drip for about an hour; and then there will be maybe ten or fifteen minutes of more administrivia.  I hope to be out of here by 15:00.


  1. Katydid says

    Seconded: I hope you tolerate the treatment as well as can be expected, and that you’re home safely resting between sessions.

    Does this new schedule impact your trip this summer?

  2. billseymour says

    Katydid:  I won’t be going anywhere this summer; I’m hosting the ISO standards committee right here in St. Louis the last full week of June.  If everything goes as currently scheduled, the radiation will end the week before.  (I’ve been firm that I won’t be available June 23-30.)

  3. says

    I’m rooting for science!

    I have a family member who has had stage 4 cancer for over 20 years. Treatment is getting better and better and you may die of anomie before the cancer gets you.

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