8 year old Yemeni girl died on wedding night and Of Nigerian Child-Brides Apologists


It was reported that a young girl in Yemen had died after having sexual relations with a 40-year-old man who became her husband in an arranged marriage. The 8-year-old was identified as “Rawan” and died from torn genitals and severe bleeding in the northwest city of Hardh.

 Some media reported that the practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen and has attracted the attention of international rights groups seeking to pressure the government to outlaw child marriages.

 Human Rights Watch reports that 14% of girls in Yemen are married before age 15, with 82% married before they are 18.

 It is said that Yemen’s gripping poverty plays a role in hindering efforts to stamp out the practice, as poor families find themselves unable to say no to ‘bride-prices’ that can be hundreds of dollars for their daughters.

 Tribal custom also plays a role, including the belief that a young bride can be shaped into an obedient wife, bear more children and be kept away from temptation.

 It was reported that in 2010, a 12 year-old girl passed away after struggling for three days in labor, attempting to give birth to a baby. Countless other children have been subjected to similar atrocities.

 ‘Sad’ does not even begin to describe how this makes me feel. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that there are parents who willingly hand over their underage children for marriage in the name of their religion, culture, economic hardship or whatever else their sick, perverted mind conjures up.

  • Where are the parents of this poor girl?
  • How could her mother live with herself knowing her 8 year old daughter was about to be ravaged in bed by a pedophile?
  • Who in their right mind marries and have sex with an 8 year old girl?
  • What kind of depraved society allows this to happen?

 I believe the parents and everyone who attended the wedding should be arrested  and charged as criminals and accomplices to a crime. It is heartbreaking to learn that this could have been prevented and at least a machinery to charge violating parents to court could have been in place if not for the rampaging protest of Quran waving pedophiles.

A February 2009 law set the minimum age for marriage at 17, but it was repealed after some conservative lawmakers called it un-Islamic.

 Un-islamic indeed, I say to hell with your Islam, your pedophilia prophet and predatory laws!

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Unfortunately, I know a depraved man who sees nothing wrong in child marriage. He is a former Governor of a Northern State in Nigeria and presently a serving National lawmaker.  He is well known for marrying child brides and also known as the one who introduced Sharia law into the Northern part of Nigeria, his name is Sani Yerima.ahmed-yerima_500_7002_theme1_400_300

Pedophile Senator Sani Yerima is one reason I am very ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. No sane society should have the likes of Senator Sani Yerima making laws for them. Senator Yerima and his fellow pedophiles belong behind bars, not in a chamber, making national laws.  Sick people, sick nation, sick religion!

 When Senator Yerima married his then 14 year old bride at a lavish ceremony in Abuja, many of his shameless lawmakers celebrated with him at the National Mosque. Those shameless lawmakers all belong in prison.

Appearing on Aljazeera program ‘The stream’ Senator Yerima shamelessly tried to defend his pedophilia.  When asked about how he met his recent child bride, he said

I traveled to Cairo, through a friend I was able to see her and speak to her family. I did not go to marry her; I went to see another girl. I did not bother to ask her age because it is not a requirement in Islam.

This shameless Nigerian Senator actually went to Cairo to shop for a Child-bride!  When he saw the first chattel he was meant to buy, he did not like it well enough and was taken to see another probably prettier chattel by his friend. Wow, I didn’t know it is still legal to treat human beings as chattels, I thought slave trade is a thing of the past!

The senator paid a whopping hundred thousand dollars as bride price to take his newest child bride home. I wonder what the commission of his friend was.  A girl treated like a mere chattel, an adult the contractor and her parents, the sellers. What a depraved society!

When asked if he would give his 13 year old daughter out  in marriage, the pedophile Senator said he would if his daughter likes the man. Since he has unmarried daughters some of whom are older than his child-brides, I wonder why none of his underage daughters have been sold out in marriage. Is it because he is not a poor man and does not need the bride price? Is it that the Islamic commandment for parents to give out their underage daughter in marriage only applies to poor people and serves as an opportunity for rich Muslims to prey on the daughters of poor Muslims?

It is noteworthy that in Zamfara state, where Senator Sani Yerima was governor for 8 years, there are  over 1 million out of school children.

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The other religious apologist on the Aljazeera program, ‘The Stream’,  screamed

It is a matter of religion. Muslims are giving their daughters out in marriage to fellow Muslims not to Christians.  It is about Muslims and Islam. You cannot violate our right to practice our religion

 I wondered if that stupid guy was/is running after a contract from the Senator and ex governor that he was willing to be his barking dog in public. Well, he could just be a fellow pedophile killing two birds with one stone. He wants a contract and also a right to sleep with underage girls.  Pedophiles and corrupt politicians do tend to stick together.

Are they really so ignorantly stupid that they do not recognize that this is about human beings, in this case, very vulnerable human beings, children and not their stupid religion.

Unfortunately, there are many of these perverted people in Nigeria. It is no coincidence that they are mostly in the Northern part of Nigeria, a region in Nigeria where majority are Muslims, Islam the official religion and Sharia law legally recognized.

 Here are a few reactions of these perverts to child marriage in a public forum on facebook:

 We should stop deceiving ourselves before getting the facts clear. Who is marrying children in Nigeria? As a Muslim, we marry when a girl is mature. Isn’t it better than many girls below 19 years old today we see in our society who are pregnant? Without anybody responsible for her? It will be better you change your thoughts and campaign instead against wrong dressing in our society.

because I am a girl chldnotbride

This is an attack against traditional African marriage. All Africans who oppose child marriage (marriage) have adopted this attitude from Westerners. In pre-colonial and even pre-islamic Africa, such negative ideas about child marriage did not exist. The phrase child marriage was not even used. What is called “child marriage” was simply marriage to traditional africans. The criminalization and condemnation of “child marriage” started in England then found its way to America. This is a step towards promoting complete westernization. These campaigns against traditional african marriage do not stem from a real concern of the livelihood of African people but is politically motivated. When girls become “old enough” by western standards to get marriage, they are encouraged to consider the use of birth control. The purpose of this is to slow down the population growth rate in Africa. Africans must not allow westerners to indoctrinate Africans on this issue or any issue.

These sound like the normal abnormal arguments against Women rights, Homosexuality and Same Sex ,Marriage.

Hmm… un-evolved minds say the darndest things!

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  1. Unapologeticly disgusted says

    This is the rifest, most vile, deeply disgusting practice. This is class warfare against women in general, and children in particular. How can you harm an innocent child- to rape her (and sometimes him). These creatures (I cannot say humans, or even monkeys {b/c monkeys know better}) want to have their unbridled manhood at the cost of human decency and justice. Where is their god to protect these children?! These people are more base than a cockroach, and worth even less. STOP CHILD MARRIAGE.

  2. Meggamat says

    Right…… so homosexual unions must be prohibited due to the risk of AIDS, but this is fine? From an objective standpoint, these people are nuts. The great tragedy is that Islamic reals were once very secular, and promoted free inquiry, but now, they are filled with close-minded buffoons like this.

  3. says

    As a multiple time child sexual abuse survivor myself, this is SO disgusting, ugh, I can barely go near this.

    I just have to say that I strongly agree with you Yemisi, especially this part:

    Pedophile Senator Sani Yerima is one reason I am very ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. No sane society should have the likes of Senator Sani Yerima making laws for them. Senator Yerima and his fellow pedophiles belong behind bars, not in a chamber, making national laws. Sick people, sick nation, sick religion!

    This sick pedophiles should be executed or put behind bars for these hideous crimes against the humanity of these girls. What disgusting, ugh, I can’t even deal with this. This is so wrong, so very very wrong, what is happening to these girls. These people should be executed, this is sickening.

  4. jumoke says

    “un-islamic indeed, I say to hell with your Islam, your pedophilia prophet and predatory laws”!

    I think thats a very silly statement to put on a blog. Child Marriage is very wrong and we all know that . What obtained a million years ago doesnt work anymore and the fact that Prophet Muhammad SAW married a prepubescent doesnt mean that our laws should be be guided by that act because the law evolves.

    referring to Prophet Muhammed as a pedophilia prophet is VERY VERY WRONG

  5. jumoke says

    “I say to hell with your Islam, your pedophilia prophet and predatory laws”

    The meaning of Islam is peace and for an open-minded as i think u are to put this down on a blog and publish it, is not only wrong , its silly.

    you should not type “to hell with a religion” because of certain laws or practices that is not acceptable to all. there are other religions with unacceptable practices and no one writes them off because of that .

    The law evolves every time and the fact that Prophet Muhammad SAW married a prepubescent 3,000 years ago doesn’t make him a pedophilia and its wrong for you to refer to him as such because that was the acceptable practice at the time.

    i abhor child marriage its wrong! but we should not blame a religion that preaches peace and people that have nothing to do with the fact that our lawmakers are silly old men with no sense.

    you should delete that phrase from your blog.

    Lets try to be open minded about issues…….

  6. Oseki Oghogho Emmanuel says

    I will say one thing to you, both the Senator and you are both tainted in your views. The bigoted senator supports child marriage, you support same sex marriage. As a christian, all i can do is but to pray for both of your souls, let GOD’s word as said in his scriptures shine into both of you. I love you both and I want GOD to make a change in your lives. Thank you.

  7. Jsantana says

    This is SICKENING!!! The parents who sell their daughters should be hung to death! This is what ALL the countries need to focus on, given these childrens the right to prosper and have a good life. The right for them to grow and make decisions as ADULTS! Forget about oil interests or other geo political issues, fighting this crazy issue should priority number 1.

  8. says

    honestly ! it is very saddening reading about what young girls are now facing all in the name of early marriage. Child marriage is allowed in islam. Yes ! but the motive of engaging in it by some so called muslims should be questioned because the holy prophet did not copulate with his own child bride until she was matured enough to withstand the marital pressure. To the best of my understanding as a muslim, the little girl was given to an old woman to take care of until she reaches puberty. Islam preaches peace yes. Who in his/her right senses will come out and say that copulating with a little girl as young as eight is sane. Please folks always get your fact right before condemning any religion and the motive behind every actions should be verified not because some people hide under religious practices to carry out out their evil agenda.

  9. Bunny says

    The first sentence needs to be re-written. She didn’t have sexual relations, she was raped. She died after being sold to and then raped by her 40-year-old husband.

  10. says

    Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative.
    I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue
    this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing.

  11. CommonSense says

    A horrid practice. Not encouraged by Islam or the Prophet. Before you disrespect a religion you know nothing about other than from the “fox news” reports you see, pick up a book or ask a real Muslim what they have to say about this topic. Anyways, if ridiculous CULTURAL practices such as these exist, hold your Islamaphobia love, and use some common sense. No one in the right mind can possibly blame Islam for this. But yeah, sad report nevertheless! There need to be laws against child marriages etc asap!

  12. says

    Real Muslims should rally against it then! Paedophile’s call it religion yet religions that don’t alter with the times are left far behind. We’re not trying to westernise anyone. We are simply advanced enough to act up when something isn’t right, no matter who they are!

    I wonder whether that disgusting rapist and murderer of the 8 year old wanted his money back?

  13. FUNMBITE says

    the ignorant author has no knowledge how old mary was when she married joseph. jewish tradition says 13. that has always been the generally accepted age of marriage for thousands of years. secondary schooling has the age-18 adult mentality.

  14. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    FUNMBITE -- So you would prefer 13 year old children to be married off just because such practice existed 2,000 years ago? So you think it is OK to marry off 13 year old girl even when we know that they are not biologically and mentally ready for such responsibility?
    Why do you think young persons under the age of 18 years are not considered legally responsible for their actions?
    Paedophiles like you who think it is OK to sleep with 13 year old children or marry off 13 year old children, should be locked up in a cave. You belong behind bars, FUNMBITE .

  15. hinduwoman says

    The justifications are amazingly similar to those given many by Indians in 19th century when child marriage was sought to be abolished.

    1. We have always done it.
    2. Attack on Hinduism by evil Imperialists!!!
    3. Promoting westernization to destroy our culture.
    4. Indian girls mature faster than Europeans and so can be married off early.

    Battle of books as the reformist camp and conservative camp argued it out by proving scriptural justifications on both sides. (Fortunately Hinduism has tons of sacred books instead of only one and you can find out practically anything in your favour)

  16. Alicia McNeal says

    I believe that religious belief is tatamount to all you disbelievers, infidels, and cara yahudis influence. If it is their religious belief that they love bald little pussy, you keep your effing noses out of it. The yamaka wearing cara boi butt fuckers are ok huh? How about all the Catholic boi butt mounters? They just get to go to the Vatican. No, take you do gooder shit elsewhere and stfu. It is their religion. Do not judge someone elses worship ideas or ideals. If you do not like it, go to Iran and start a movement to end Islam. Tell us all how that works out. Oh wait, you will have a hard time with them running around holding your severed head.


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