Nigerian Trans woman, Ms Sahhara, wins Ms Super Sireyna Worldwide: Eat your heart out Transphobic Nigeria!

I was delighted when the beautiful, multi- talented Ms Sahhara was declared the winner of Super Sireyna Worldwide, 2014 at the grand finale in 10513314_162106167322674_1317010551276969853_nPhilippines. She also won the best Talent award and her national costume was fabulous!

Ms Super Sireyna is the most watched Transgender Beauty Pageant on Philippine Television, Eat Bulaga. The pageant aims to showcase the beauty of Super Sireynas and to foster camaraderie amongst contestants and Sireynas worldwide. It grades contestants on looks, talent and wit.

Ms Sahhara is a Nigerian Trans Woman who resides in UK. She is very visible on social media. She uses her social networks to advocate for LGBT Rights and promote Trans visibility. She entered the pageant as Miss Nigeria.  Her interview section was great! She answered her questions with poise, intelligence and was witty to the core! She also used the platform to highlight the problems LGBT Nigerians face due to criminalisation of their sexual orientation, gender identity and the negative societal attitudes towards LGBTs.

In her entry video for the competition Super Sireyna Worldwide Nigeria 2014, she explained why she was competing. She stated that if given the chance to wear the crown, she will use the opportunity to enlighten people about Trans’ issues. She believes if people don’t understand things, they should ask questions. The video was made as part of her preparation for the competition. She obviously prepared with passion and dedication for the pageant. It wasn’t just about beauty, it was also about talent, creativity and passion. The video is quite informative and worth watching.

Watching the whole glamourous pageant ceremony with its beautiful and talented women from different countries, Ms Sahhara was obviously one of the favourites of not just the appreciative audience but the judges as well.


Her question and answer section was informative and educative. She said she likes the way Philippines accepts Trans and Super Sireynas.  According to her:

When we came in here they treated us as one of their own. It is inspiring how the society here accepts and celebrates Sireynas. I wish Africans could do the same instead of criminalising them.

Tell them Ms Sahhara, tell them!

Her talent show segment was simply FABULOUS! You can watch her talent segment 3 minutes into this video

 She definitely relaxed and enjoyed herself during the competition.

Ms Sahhara is multi-talented. She is a model, has released a music video and she is also about to embark on her PHD programme on Sexuality and Gender studies. BTW, did I mention that she is also a non-believer? Yeah, she is!

Considering that Nigeria is a very Transphobic nation, with an anti-LGBT Law which stipulates 14 years imprisonment for samesex relationships and 10 years jail term for anyone who advocates for LGBT Rights , I wonder what they make of a Nigerian Trans woman winning the prestigious international Talent show/Beauty pageant for Trans women?  Not so pleased, I presume.

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A Nigerian has just made history as a winner of an International Pageant, but Nigeria won’t celebrate her and her achievements because the country is legally homophobic, biphobic and transphobic.  If she was one of the richest Nigerians who made their money as corrupt politicians or business persons whose actions have contributed to entrenching corruption and poverty in the country, she would no doubt be celebrated by fellow Nigerians, make the headlines in national newspapers and national TV.

Would homophobic, biphobic and transphobic Nigeria celebrate this beautiful and brave woman? Well, I don’t see Nigerian National newspapers or National TV splashing this news and celebrating her achievements. Many are damn too afraid to mention her feat as it could be taken to mean endorsement of Transsexuals/ Transgender rights or a promotion of LGBT Rights.

The once vibrant fourth estate of Nigerian government has now been cowered by their own corruption (aka brown envelopes) and their self-inflicted ignorance on issues relating to LGBT Rights. The Press negative portrayal of LGBTs especially during the debate on the Anti-LGBT bill also contributed to the passing of the bill and its endorsement by President Goodluck Jonathan. It is of note that the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill, 2013 curtails Freedom of Expression, a right any journalist worth their salt would have defended with vigour. However, Nigerian journalists were too blinded by their ignorance and hate for LGBTs to mind forfeiting this fundamental human right. Yes, the fourth estate sold its soul and birth right out of ignorance and contempt for LGBT Nigerians.

In spite of what transphobic Nigerians think, the world today celebrates MS Sahara, I am proud of her, as are many other LGBTs and Pro LGBTS Nigerians. Whether Nigerians like it or not, she wears the prestigious crown of Ms Super Sireyna as Ms Nigeria.

She contested as Miss Nigeria and she won the crown as Miss Nigeria. You can’t take her nationality away. Whether you like it or not, Miss Nigeria is the new Ms Super Sireyna Worldwide. Eat your heart out homophobic, biphobic and transphobic Nigeria. Damn, I can’t say that enough. Eat your heart out Transphobic Nigerians!


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