FtbCon: Atheism with a conscience!


FtBConscience is on this weekend (Friday 19th July 2013 – Sunday 21st July 2013), with the theme ‘Atheism with a Conscience’. You can join FtBloggers and our array of distinguished panelists for a stimulating weekend without leaving the comfort of your home!

Join us live as we discuss Atheism, Religion, Social Justice, Science, Art, Love, Grief, Mental illness, Video games and a host of other interesting things! There will also be live Atheist music performed by our in house musicians!

I am one of the speakers on the panel Atheism is Not Enough, Saturday 20th July, 2013, (10am to 12pm CDT (UTC – 5) / 4:00pm-6:00pm British Summer Time, GMT +1). I hope you will join me for this interesting discussion.

You can visit the chat room here, follow/tweet @ftbcon, or post on our Facebook page if you have any questions!

It is really sunny here in London,  we are experiencing a heatwave, so I might live-stream from one of the beautiful parks in London, the queen’s palace or set up cam near Prince Williams and his wife, Duchess Catherine, who is due to deliver the next royal baby any minute now. We might catch a glimpse of Kate going into labour! Well, it could mean a hasty panel on Monarchy and the privilege of Birth.  Now, got to go get my background just right, after all this is gonna be live!

BTW, at the end of the conference, you can also hangout with FtBloggers and our wonderful panelists for drinks. I heard there is beer, chocolate, Ice cream, erm… sorry atheists; we won’t be eating babies, they are not on the FtB conference menu!


  1. Meggamat says

    I know that the suject of collaboration with other conglomerations was brought up when discussing the concept of common ground, but are there any orginizations with whom you believe that Atheism+ or other expanded secular groups should never collaborate? The WBC or the BNP for instance.

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Meggamat- While I am all for networking and collaborating with PROGRESSIVE organizations on issues where we share common grounds, maybe single issue campaigns, I would hesitate to go into direct alliance with an organization known for its hate campaigns and WBC/BNP comes to mind here. Human rights, equality and justice are at the heart of my social justice campaign, it wouldn’t make any sense to bedhop with organizations who thrives on promoting hate and inequality. If such organisations wanted an education on why Inequality and Hate should be a thing of the past, then I’d encourage organisations to give them the lessons they need to turn over a new leaf.

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