This land of corrupt politicians

Rubbing bellies of stolen funds

Looting without a care

Killing with no remorse

Stoning gays, jailing Trans

This land full of Hate

Poverty and Ignorance

This is not my Africa

My Africa gives a reminiscence glow

Of Love so tolerant

Hospitality so warm

It embraced foreigners

Puts a roof over their heads

My Africa fed them

Africa of whom I sang odes

Loved without reservation

Gave without hesitation

Your hate is Un-African

Corrective rape is Un-African

Homophobia is Un-African

Intolerance is Un-African

Looting is Un-African

Genocide is Un-African

Ignorance is Un-African!

From your greedy hate-filled hands

We shall wrench back our Africa

Make it once again

The land of Love

Where Rainbow shines without Fear!





  1. rtmillic says

    Thank you very much for this. For too long we have only heard negative things about Africa and its people. If more people had your courage and convictions, Africa, and the world, would be a better place.

  2. says

    I’ve been reading a lot about politics in different African countries, and the same theme keeps popping up: colonialism, redoubled and shoved under the rug with every attempt that Africans have made to liberate themselves.

    First it was direct colonialism, under obviously abusive rich white straight etc etc rulers.

    Then, when those white rulers started losing their grip, the great powers of America, Europe and Russia raced to prop up their own dictators, like Mobutu and Mugabe, who continued to loot on behalf of their white overlords for a share of the take.

    When that failed, the great powers then turned to the debts racked up by such dictators, and demanded that the “liberated” people suspend the rebuilding of their society in order to pay off the debts their dictators had incurred with their looting, generally by making said looting easier (I still can’t get over Naomi Klein’s description of what happened inside the budding ANC government during South Africa’s transition from apartheid to democracy, or how it apparently left whites with more holdings than they had under apartheid).

    And now the churches, too, have come to loot, in order to make up for the white flock turning away and putting their money to better use. And they are determined to not lose their African flock the way they lost the whites, because otherwise they will have nothing left.


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