Breeding the likes of Isabirya Richard via Religion, Homophobia and Anti-LGBT laws in Africa

When my attention was drawn to the facebook posts of Isabirya Richard, I seriously felt like puking and giving up on humanity.Uganda

Isabirya Richard openly called for the stoning of gays.

He mentioned names and posted pictures of people he thought were gays or gay supporters and publicly asked for them to be killed.

He volunteered to lead the Christian mob crusade against gays.

He even publicly solicited for Christian hackers to hack into the emails and online profiles of suspected gays, lesbians and Trans.He claimed they would earn a great reward in heaven for helping to track down ‘sodomites’.

He went as far as documenting the movements of those he named as gays and called for attacks on them. He boasted that a gay person just escaped his attack but promised that the homosexual won’t be so lucky next time.Uganda2 resised

I and some concerned friends reported some of the posts to Facebook and in a quick action, FB removed his profile and barred him from using facebook to promote his hate and murder cravings. Kudos to Facebook.

I only wished it was that easy to sanction the other powerful, equally deranged homophobic African leaders and the majority of their followers who would gladly jail, maim and kill anyone suspected of being gay, lesbian, bisexual or Trans. No one in their right mind would think it is acceptable to criminalise non-harmful, consensual same sex relationships. No right thinking human being would support jailing or killing people for their sexual orientation.

Isabirya Richard definitely came across as deranged; he is no doubt a very vile and evil human being. Unfortunately, Isabirya Richard is not an isolated case. Many Africans today starting with many African leaders, are so filled with this deranged, vile and homophobic rage against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and Trans. They are happy to pass laws to jail, maim and kill gays, thereby legalising homophobia in the continent.

From President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, President Paul Biya of Cameroon, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to SDC17030President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, the ignorance, hate and homophobic rage continues.

Shame on African leaders and their supporters who are determined to make Africa the home of homophobia. Africa was never synonymous with hate and intolerance, however neo-colonial Africa seems to have embraced hate as its motto, no thanks to its new found foreign religions. This hate-filled Africa is Not My Africa.

With its natural resources already plundered by those who claim to love it, the battle line is drawn for the soul of Africa. Pity, souls aren’t worth much but still it is good to see people like Isabirya Richard barred from a powerful social media like Facebook.

I can only hope I am spared the pain of seeing the rotten likes of President Goodluck Jonathan or President Museveni being wined and dined by world powers. Because in truth, their policies breed the likes of Isabirya Richard and they are no better than the deranged homophobe on facebook, if anything, they are worse and more dangerous. The decent thing to do would be to bar them from decent international gatherings and treat them with the contempt they deserve.


  1. meggamat says

    A deity who demands brutal murders to be committed, aught not to be worshipped, even if onw accepts the ludicrous position that such an entity exists.

  2. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @meggamat- So true. The thing is, they fashioned their deity in their own genocidal, egoistic , bigoted and sadistic image. 🙁

  3. meggamat says

    Do you think civilisation will ever reach a point where all people have their rights protected, and superstition does not make law?

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