I Am Reaching, Reaching For The Stars

reaching for the skiesI am reaching, reaching for the stars

Though I bear the brunt of the scars

I spread my wings for a flying spree

This cage I will break to set me free

Although the sky looks scary and vast

I will explore with bravery and a blast

So long my wings were clipped

Now I will fly even if I slipped

Bowed down by years of misery

Now tis time to show my mystery


I am reaching, reaching for the stars

With eyes bleary and teary with cries

For so long I have been sad

These burdens I had so bad

The yoke I have carried

Many years I have tarried

Slave to your strangling bleeps

Too afraid to take that leap

Now it is my oyster card

To provide me a landing pad


I am reaching, reaching for the stars

Cos I am ready, ready for the skies

For so long lies I have been toldtake flight

So many cultural myths I was sold

Motherhood will make you great

Submit as a wife even if it grates

Ambition will only make you vain

Be a woman and a worthy saint

Even if it takes mutiny

I will make my destiny


Resources might be scarce

I will no longer live a farce

Sitting on the sidelines

Never to make a landmark

In your space I am constrained

In my space I will not be restrained

Nothing can stop this flight

Not even all my plight

Even though you now sneer

Get set to watch and cheer


For so long I was a victim of your blunders

Now it is time to watch me in wonder

Like an exploding star I shall shine

Whirlwind mixed like sweet brine

This hurricane you have to bear

My Tsunami is poised to roar

Even though ill of me you now speak

Won’t stop me from reaching my peak

Just be still and watch me fly

You will no longer be so sly


Man or woman we can all roar

The sky is big for all to soar

I can no longer be cagedtag5

I will be my own sage

There is flight in my wing

Beautiful music as I sing

With this song I take flight and glow

Never to be slowed down by the flow

Watch me spread my wings and marvel

My mystery I am about to unravel!



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