Where to Hold the Next G7

Apparently Trump tried a transparent grift, suggesting that the next G7 be held at one of his resorts, where he’d make a ton of money. Other diplomats basically jeered him, rather than asking, “are you offering this as a courtesy? You are generous to offer to put us all up for free.”

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A Short Story About Nuclear War

“Mommy, look! A falling star!”, the child yelled, and pointed. There was a burning line in the sky, splitting into a claw-shape.
The mother enfolded her child in her arms, hugging her tightly to her breast, “Oh, sweetie. Close your eyes and make a wish.” She turned her back on the falling suns and breathed deeply of the warm smell of the child’s hair.

Things I Learned from Nell Irvin Painter

I recommend Nell Irvin Painter’s The History of White People. [wc] It’s a valuable anodyne to all of the racist propaganda I have been ingesting and studying over the last few years. My approach to American racism has been to deconstruct its sources; Painter’s (in this book) is to demonstrate how it was constructed, and its sources. She puts the pieces together so you can see how they were assembled, and its an ugly picture.

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Augmented Reality

One of the other attendees of Tomcon was ‘Q’, who is currently working at an undisclosed media company, doing undisclosed stuff. I had brought my gaming computer and HTC Vive VR headset because, if you haven’t seen Google Maps VR you really should, if you can.

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