The belltowers at Notre Dame are basically a medieval version of one of those barbecue charcoal-lighter cylinders. During the fire, you could see that the pompiers were trying to soak them down thoroughly. Apparently, they succeeded.

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My deepest sympathies to the people of Paris, France.

Don’t breathe the smoke; the roof of the building was solid lead.

This is a great tragedy for art and culture; I wonder what happened. I grew up scampering around that building, and I have no idea how many times I hauled myself up the stairs to the roof so I could see the city below, the clusters of tourists like ants.

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According to The Guardian the fire was started by accident during maintenance/construction work.


One thing I hate doing is digging post-holes. There is always a rock or something in exactly the wrong spot and by the time you’ve dug a foot or two down you know that: 1) you’re 1/3 of the way there 2) you’re at the effective limit of your tools.

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