Monday Meslier: 96 – There Are No More Detestable Animals In This World Than Tyrants

We are assured that the human soul is a simple substance; but if the soul is such a simple substance, it ought to be the same in all the individuals of the human race, who all ought to have the same intellectual faculties; however, this is not the case; men differ as much in qualities of mind as in the features of the face.

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Monday Meslier: 79 – A God Who Punishes The Faults Which He Could Have Prevented, Is A Fool, Who Adds Injustice To Foolishness

What would we say or a father who, we are assured, watches without relaxation over the welfare of his feeble and unforeseeing children, and who, however, would leave them at liberty to go astray in the midst of rocks, precipices, and waters; who would prevent them but rarely from following their disordered appetites; who would permit them to handle, without precaution, deadly arms, at the risk of wounding themselves severely?

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Monday Meslier: 144 – Origin of The Most Absurd, The Most Ridiculous, and The Most Odious Usurpation, Called The Divine Right of Kings.

In order to guard themselves against the enterprises of a haughty Pontiff who desired to reign over kings, and in order to protect their persons from the attacks of the credulous people excited by their priests, several princes of Europe pretended to have received their crowns and their rights from God alone, and that they should account to Him only for their actions.

Jean Meslier Portrait

Your host, Jean Meslier

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