When you have a dim view of the situation, and Noam Chomsky comes along to summarize how he sees things, and it pretty much matches you right down the line – well, that’s depressing. Chomsky has a long history of being right: right about Vietnam, right about Linguistics, right about Iraq, right about Bush, right about Obama, and right about Trump.

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The Electric Chair: A Perfect Storm of American Nastiness

Warning: Execution, Death, Cruelty to Animals

[This posting is because of discussion about execution techniques stderr]

When I was a kid, we made a family expedition to Menlo Park in New Jersey, and explored Thomas Edison’s old lab, which is now a museum. [men] I was fascinated by the great inventors – I always have been – and it felt like a wander through a stranger’s mind. Exploring other people’s shop-spaces has always held a thrill for me, trying to figure out quickly what this or that doodad is for.

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