1. flex says

    Mommy, Mommy! Can I be pedantic this morning? I can! Weeee!

    Humanities genetic manipulations for millennia has resulted in chickens which lay eggs whether they are fertilized or not. Roosters are needed for chicks, but not for eggs.

    Most store-bought eggs are unfertilized, and thus they are not embryos.

    My folks have raised chickens (only a couple dozen to get rid of food waste and for eggs) since I was a little pup over fifty years ago. Sometimes we had roosters, sometimes we didn’t (they die like anything else), but we always had eggs.

    This has been a pedant service announcement, ruining things for everyone since before Christ was nailed to a hunk of wood.

  2. astringer says

    First they came for the zygotes, but I didn’t say anything because I am no longer a zygote.
    Then they came for the gametes, but I didn’t say anything because I am more than just a maker of gametes.
    They they came for the pre-mitotic cells,

  3. xohjoh2n says


    They are trying to establish the “life begins at conception” meme through its most bizarre implications.

    Perhaps, now that the principle has been legally established, it is no longer about continuing to establish it, but to leverage it to raise opposition to other systems such as child support and carpool lanes themselves.

  4. nomaduk says

    It’s not just a “Kentucky, boy are they backwards” story. You can find similar bills in the works in Kansas, Iowa and elsewhere.

    So it’s actually a ‘Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, and elsewhere, boy are they backwards’ story.

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