Commenting Policy / Verbal Abuse

Double/Triple/Whatever Posting

Is fine. I do it. So can you.

If You Want to Be Nasty, Show Skill at Nastiness

my mad photoshop skillz.

my mad photoshop skillz.

I will not tolerate racist, sexist, ableist, LGBT-phobic, etc., abuse. For one thing, it’s bad strategy [reference]. If you want to work on your invective, please go ahead, with the following caveats:

  • Keep it creative
  • Keep it productive
  • Keep it clever

Calling someone an “asshole” is not clever. Telling someone to slam their testicles in a car door is puerile but mildly creative. Pointing out that someone’s comments “make them sound like a caricature of a capitalist leech” – that’s better. I personally can’t play at the level of John Scalzi who called Donald Trump an “angry cheeto” but if you can, please feel free to. Although, if you do, I may argue that calling someone that is attacking their appearance, and there is ever so much more about Donald Trump that’s worthy of attack.

I also reserve the right to ban you if you become irritating and tedious. Since “irritating” or “tedious” are subjective, I can’t expect you to share my ideas of tedium or irritation. That’s OK because my ideas of tedium are the ones that get enforced here. But since you can’t read my mind, I’ll probably warn you.

If you make comments along the line of “I thought this was freethoughtblogs” I’ll assume you are a philosophical naïf and will probably block you. This is not an open forum, it’s more like a dinner party. While I am an anarchist, myself, and welcome my fellow anarchists, that does not mean you are invited to stand on the tablecloth and urinate on the center-piece.

If I block you and you want to discuss it offline, is my main mailbox.

The site has a spam filtering system, so if you post a page with more than 3 URLs in it, or picture links to Anthony Weiner, it may wind up in spam. If you make a typo and really really want me to fix it, you can email me at Or if you have a picture that you really really think I will want to add to your posting, you can email me and I’ll probably do it.

I’m not trying to keep this blog PG-13, but you and I both should remember this: What happens on the internet, stays on the internet. Forever.

In general, if you make a mistake (“close blockquote fail” or whatever) and I detect it, you can post a comment asking me to fix it and I will, when I get around to it, and I will then delete your fix request. Try not to combine comment/content with fix requests unless you want to trust me to edit your comment – which I will cheerfully do.

If you are tedious or annoying I reserve the right to delete all of your comments. So if you think you’re going to simply argue for “last person left standing” through boredom, you may find all your hard work winds up in the wastebasket.

Complaints and Redress

If you feel someone on this blog is being abusive, stalkerish, creepy, threatening, or otherwise and that I have not addressed it adequately and fast enough please contact me immediately and complain. Even if you think I utterly despise you and am prepared to be incredibly mean to you, I will dispatch any complaint fairly. FtB has an ethics committee that can be convened to deal with any questions of procedure in the event that you feel that I have failed you, or your complaint is not handled properly. You can either do one of two things: 1) go to another of the FtB bloggers, and contact them and explain you need the attention of the ethics committee or 2) email it to me and I will forward it to the ethics committee myself.