Unregulated Cops Get Up To No Good

You can be sure as water’s wet – if someone doesn’t tell cops “don’t intrude on people” (You know, like the constitution tried to…) they’re going to explore the grey zones around the people’s rights. And by “grey zones” that means “areas where they can pretend not to understand” or “it looks grey to me.”

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Dangerous and Incompetent

There are more cold war nuclear weapons stories that I want to tell you, before we get to the SIOP and circle back to the insanity that is about to happen, as the US attempts to establish global nuclear hegemony. That sounds dramatic, I know, but people need to understand that the US is preparing to win a nuclear war. The US has always been preparing to win a nuclear war. Most of that stuff about defensive counter-strikes, etc. – that’s all lies.

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Argument Clinic: White Supremacists

Recently, Argument Clinic received a formal request: “How do you argue against white supremacists?”

Is this the right room for an argument

Our work is cut out for us. In this particular episode, while we will retain our usual superior, snotty, didactic, tone, we encourage The Commentariat(tm) to help us out. A definitive treatment of the question “How to argue with white supremacists” probably involves winning a civil war – and decisively winning it, at that.

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