The Syria Stupidpocalypse

There was a great moment in Woody Allen’s Bananas, in which the US is intervening in a CIA-sponsored “revolution” in a central american “banana republic” – the viewpoint switches to a bunch of US Army commandos in a C-130 getting ready to parachute down to overthrow the government: “The CIA has guys on the other side, so no matter who wins we’re on the winning side.”

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A Short Story About Nuclear War

“Mommy, look! A falling star!”, the child yelled, and pointed. There was a burning line in the sky, splitting into a claw-shape.
The mother enfolded her child in her arms, hugging her tightly to her breast, “Oh, sweetie. Close your eyes and make a wish.” She turned her back on the falling suns and breathed deeply of the warm smell of the child’s hair.