1. Alan G. Humphrey says

    Panel five’s, “… until you change that, none of this will ever change, and we’ll keep hoping you’re too distracted to notice.”, should have been, “… and none of this will ever change while we keep creating distractions so that you never notice.”, to represent the actual situation. Anyone got some AI? I need a fix…

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Are you implying that the threat of trans people and shape-changing lizard people is a “distraction” ??

  3. John Morales says

    Everyone already has one of those magic boxes, they just don’t use them much.

    (They are called ‘skulls’ and contain ‘brains’)

  4. Silentbob says

    @ ^

    Lol. Dude you left out the bit about how anyone using these “boxes” should be called a “SpewGargler”. X-D

  5. John Morales says

    Dude you left out the bit about how anyone using these “boxes” should be called a “SpewGargler”

    Weird eruction there, bobiferous.

    (That bit only lives in your imagination)

    Tell me more about my alleged hyperliteralism, and about my spectral snowflake fragility due to my low self-esteem.

    Hey, remember when you attempted to argue with me about how my name worked in my native culture?

    (Good times, good times, FecalSnorter)

  6. whywhywhy says

    #2 Yes the attacks against LGBTQ are essentially distractions. The folks doing the attacking and restricting medical care are doing it to distract the MAGAts from what is really happening. This is like burning the witch/widow in town so that the rich folks can claim her land. It is an American tradition since Salem if not earlier.

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