Trusting Providers

Corporatism favors the rights of corporations ahead of those of their customers; right now we’re in the middle of a complex shouting-match regarding what companies like Facebook can decide to provide to marketing partners; are we trusting them too much with our data? Are they going to handle it responsibly? What makes people imagine that companies are not going to immediately have a strategy meeting and ask, “what is the worst thing we can do with our customer data? Because: let’s do that!”

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Unregulated Cops Get Up To No Good

You can be sure as water’s wet – if someone doesn’t tell cops “don’t intrude on people” (You know, like the constitution tried to…) they’re going to explore the grey zones around the people’s rights. And by “grey zones” that means “areas where they can pretend not to understand” or “it looks grey to me.”

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The Retroscope At Play

By now, the establishment ought to be painfully aware that the FBI/NSA retro-scope is aimed at them, as well. Sometime in the next couple of years I expect a legislative backlash, especially if it keeps being used to take down friends of the high and mighty.

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Retro-Scoping the FBI

The retro-scope appears to now be part of the investigative procedure for any incident that has political implications. Because its time-horizon goes about -10 years (with some blurry images back to -20 years) the entire current crop of politicians grew up in a time before retro-scoping existed, so they do not fear the ‘scope, nor do they fully understand it. They will.

I did a google image search for “retroscope” and look at this beauty!

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Oh, That’s Gonna Be Some Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI chief 2001 – 2013. This is the head of the FBI during the Bush administration’s torture program, when FBI agents were reporting that CIA practices were ‘potentially illegal’ and Mueller helped whitewash the whole thing.


FBI investigates

I guess Louis Freeh is still busy investigating Penn State’s locker rooms.