Oh, That’s Gonna Be Some Investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, former FBI chief 2001 – 2013. This is the head of the FBI during the Bush administration’s torture program, when FBI agents were reporting that CIA practices were ‘potentially illegal’ and Mueller helped whitewash the whole thing.


FBI investigates

I guess Louis Freeh is still busy investigating Penn State’s locker rooms.

Comey Karma Comedy

So the FBI was supposedly investigating Trump’s campaign quietly, while loudly investigating Clinton’s emails?

I’m unhappy about the way the anti-Trump media (i.e.: anyone who has any sense) is acting as if suddenly Comey is this great pillar of rectitude, now that he’s refused to play along with Trump’s game of the day. Please let’s not go back to “you can trust the FBI” because the FBI’s not playing politics incompetently for a change. They’re still playing.

The FBI Watched as American Hackers Attacked Worldwide…

The lulzsec logo

The lulzsec logo

I haven’t hidden how unimpressed I am with the FBI/CIA/NSA’s joint report that alleges Russian hackers interfered with the 2016 elections. In my opinion, the ‘evidence’ they present is painfully thin, and mostly bad or inaccurate.


Let’s have a look at some of the quality of evidence that the FBI has been able to present in other hacking cases.

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