Lost In The Clouds

Back when I worked in security, I regularly encountered things that just left me shaking my head, “why would anyone want to do this?” It made me feel increasingly distanced and out of touch with the industry/community, as the decision-making herd went thundering off over the horizon, ignoring the sign that said “cliff.”

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Life Will Go On

After we’ve collapsed our civilization and made huge swaths of the planet uninhabitable, it’s just going to open up new opportunities for others. They won’t be others that are interesting, in the sense that we are (in the sense that we mine oil and burn it and fly through the air and argue about going to Mars) but life’s going to be hard to completely eradicate.

Not that we aren’t trying.

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Fake Identity

There’s something about the internet mindset – the anonymity (or, I should say, “apparent anonymity”) on both sides, that brings out the worst in people. It seems to me as though half of the new internet entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to screw the other half. And both are trying to screw their customers.

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