The Kaspersky Konundrum

This is another story in the “things I am tracking but I am not sure what they mean, yet” file. Unfortunately, we won’t (probably) know for a year or two; there are still a lot of shoes to drop.

[Edit: I wrote this monday afternoon. Since then there have been new developments, which I will comment on at the bottom. The bit about hypothetical Mossad spies inside Kaspersky Labs was kidding, when I wrote it, I swear.]

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Hacking an Election

This is a pretty fair view into what the high-end hacker’s existence is like. There are blurry lines everywhere, so it’s a bit hard to even say what is “hacking” versus “marketing” or “information operations” – it’s complicated.

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Bayesianism and Russian Hacking

I made an oblique reference to Bayesian arguments in a postscript to a posting, [stderr] and hadn’t realized that HJ Hornbeck has already been digging into exactly that topic, using exactly that example. [hj1] [hj2] With all respect to HJ, I’m going to use his example as an opportunity to critique some of how Bayesian arguments are used in the skeptical community.

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Macron’s Emails, Bien Sûr

Apparently we’re going to have to have regular discussions about email security, until politicians get their heads out of the sand and realize that they are targets and regular victims of mid-skill-level attack, and they need to level up their game if they don’t want to periodically look stupid.

Email security is not hard. I’d say “it just takes a little attention to detail…” but it doesn’t even take that much. I can only conclude that politicians are just blockheads about information technology and politics and it just shows how eminently qualified they are to lead high-tech civilizations. [stderr]

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