After years of Trump, “Donald Desperation” has truly begun to set in. Americans are grasping at any straws that might lead to a way out of the trap we’ve dug for ourselves. [Meanwhile, our British friends are in the unenviable position of having out-done us]

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Sunday Sermon: Hammer Fall 2050

Government (you can especially see this, nowadays, in the US) does not act as a unit. It’s too big to generally agree on all of the disparate agendas it contains at any given time. It’s not that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, it’s more like that the left foot and the right foot keep stepping on each other, deliberately.

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Movie Review: Hannah Gadsby, “Nanette”

See it.

It’s a mix of comedy and spoken word oration, and it is incredibly good. Make sure your FOX-watching homophobic uncle watches it by mistake.

Gadsby manages to break down the inconsistencies inherent in “free speech” in the most brilliant, painful, passionate way I’ve ever heard. Technically, it’s comedy, so I’ll say this is one of the great comedy performances – and a great replacement for the work of another comedian I used to love, who turned out to be a disgrace.