A Little Elephant In The Room

It’s impossible to say for sure, but Trump appears to be suffering from late stage dementia. Of course, that won’t matter to anyone in Washington; if they’re willing to look the other way while he commits ridiculous crimes, they certainly won’t even deign to notice his brain melting.

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Sunday Sermon: Why Not Atheism?

Since this is a sermon/rant, I am going to relax some of my rules of engagement and make some assertions that I think are reasonably supportable – but I may not bother supporting them. We can discuss them in comments if you want to challenge them. Otherwise it’s difficult to write without producing a great big bodge of anti-{skeptical trope} defences to head off pyrhhonian challenges.

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It’s hard to keep from just burying my head under the covers and waiting for everything to go away. But I don’t think that’s going to work; the nasty people in the world are simply not going to allow us to escape unmolested; in fact molesting everyone who is not them is their objective.

They are sickening and disgusting.

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