Where to Hold the Next G7

Apparently Trump tried a transparent grift, suggesting that the next G7 be held at one of his resorts, where he’d make a ton of money. Other diplomats basically jeered him, rather than asking, “are you offering this as a courtesy? You are generous to offer to put us all up for free.”

I have a better suggestion:

Puerto Rico’s a great place to host world leaders. To show the US’ power and magnificence. Everyone can bring their yachts, it’ll be fun.

They’re all grifters; some of them are just smoother and more competent than Trump, which is a low bar indeed. We should get Elon Musk to launch the lot of them to Mars.


  1. bmiller says

    Sadly, the next layer of leadership cadres would step right up. Met the new boss. Same as the old boss.

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