Planned Parenthood Clinic Shooting: Religious Assholes, Vile Politicians and Dipshit Media

In between the religions assholes causing havoc and the vile politicians eager to drop bombs on civilians, it is a CU5oEefUYAAkYmHwonder WW3 has not been officially declared!

I was out when I briefly saw the headlines for the Colorado shooting today; apparently, three people, including a police officer, have been confirmed dead and many more injured.

The shooter, now identified as Robert Lewis Dear, is a 57-year-old white man from North Carolina.

According to reports

“Lt. Catherine Buckley of the Colorado Springs Police Department said the gunman, described as wearing a long coat and armed with a rifle, gave up after officers inside the building shouted at him. He previously had been firing at police who entered the facility.

Buckley also said the unidentified man had brought “items” with him inside the building and left some outside, meaning officers had to make sure they were not “any kind of devices.”

“The man apparently began his deadly spree at the Planned Parenthood building, although it was not clear if his motive was related to the organization.

“We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” Buckley said.

Interesting how they are not eager to jump to conclusions about this shooter’s ideas and ideology. This is white cis male privilege shining through, after all, it is not exactly easy to label a white cis male Christian a terrorist, is it?

Back home, I tried to get more information from news stations, however, they are not giving it much coverage, 429529_208526822578044_100002621825953_348697_1064837207_nmaybe because they are protecting their revenues by not calling the killings a Christian terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood Clinics. As ‘God’ rightly observed- “Entire Media Agrees Not To Call Planned Parenthood Shooter A Christian Terrorist”

Calling the killer a Christian terrorist is not a far-fetched assumption considering that religious fundamentalists, Pro-life groups and disgusting Republicans regularly harass the clinic’s doctors, staff members, and patients.

It is turning into a really sad and depressing world. I am just tired of the whole shit and can’t even write much on this issue now. When one is about to write a blog post on one killing spree, another one comes up, always leaving victims, blood, tears and misery in its wake.

It is indeed difficult to keep up with all the disgusting shit going on in the world! We are probably getting to that stage where another killing spree is just mundane news, something not worth mulling over. Unfortunately, I got to this stage with the appalling killings regularly carried out in Northern Nigeria by the terrorist group, Boko Haram. The headline Boko Haram strikes again has unfortunately become just another mundane news story to me.

It seems humans’ tendency to believe in a Skydaddy and Holy books’ written by savages, which are regularly used by521606_242763372487722_100002621825953_437197_223290551_n politicians for control and power, has finally rendered the human race useless. The end of our evolution might as well be near. Our precious planet would probably go up in nuclear flames when all the violent asshats and jerks finally lock horns. Maybe the catastrophe would make room for new, hopefully better-evolved species to repopulate this planet earth.

In this midst of utter global chaos, laughter and wishful thinking seem to be the cure for the depressing news that could make some of us spiral into depression. Sometimes, i just want to black out the whole world or just leave this fucking planet and hope there are aliens somewhere with better morals who would take me into their loving embrace!


  1. says

    Along with the corporate media’s refusal call this white religious terrorism is a deliberate refusal to name the victims, their genders or where they worked. The dead cop has been named repeatedly as if only his life had value, but not the others who died. The media is repeating a pattern, inferring that:

    -- “the victims don’t matter”
    -- “they deserved it”
    -- “they brought it on themselves by being there”
    -- “the perpetrators are the victims”

    See also: the Steubenville football rapists, the murder of George Tiller. And we can be sure there will be plenty on the far right who will say that openly.

  2. says

    It’s an old, old song. In 1887 Francis Adams wrote in “Songs of the Armies of the Night”.

    ‘TIS not when I am here,
    In these homeless homes,
    Where sin and shame and disease
    And foul death comes;
    ‘Tis not when heart and brain
    Would be still and forget
    Men and women and children
    Dragged down to the pit:
    But when I hear them declaiming
    Of ‘liberty,’ ‘order,’ and ‘law,’
    The husk-hearted Gentleman
    And the mud-hearted Bourgeois,
    That a sombre hateful desire
    Burns up slow in my breast
    To wreck the great guilty Temple,
    And give us rest!

    Francis William Lauderdale Adams

  3. abear says

    After the shooter was quoted as making a remark that PP was selling body parts the incident is now being referred to as terrorism, although oddly some pols are still avoiding mentioning the obvious.
    Even Mike Huckabee was quoted as saying:

    “What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement, because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this,”

  4. Meggamat says

    WRT your Third World War Postulation: The recent violation of Turkish borders by a Russian aircraft will likely cause it. Putin has seemingly assassinated his main political rival, he has annexed territory and all but declared his intention to usurp the position of Apex Civilisation from The Land Of The Eagle.

    The torches of conflict are glowing on the horizon, and the drums of battle are beating out their deadly rhythm.

    War with Russia is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

    As to this Colorado Suspect….

    This really isn’t the place to discuss the morality of Abortion, so let’s just say (If, of course, he is guilty, which has not yet been determined) that he isn’t making those who agree with him look good.

  5. says

    In a follow up on this story, another (probably white) man has been arrested after threatening to enter a hospital and “finish off” the survivors of the shooting. No doubt the far right will claim this has nothing to do with the original shooting. Or that it’s a “leftist conspiracy” to make far right extremists look bad.

    Man questioned near Colorado Springs hospital may be linked to Planned Parenthood shooting

    A man was detained Monday afternoon at the Memorial Hospital Central parking garage as police investigated reports of a “suspicious person” making threats to shoot one of the victims from Friday’s deadly Planned Parenthood attack, police said.


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