50 Shades Of Abuse: Ese Walter, Pastor Fatoyinbo, Coza and God

The scandal rocking Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has brought to light another shade of abuse that goes on everyday; the constant abuse of authority by influential men who prey on impressionable women.

It is sad that once again, a victim of abuse is being blamed for the crime of the abuser. Sexual abuse is not only about violent rape, it could ensue through getting consent via emotional blackmail, psychological manipulations and the abuse of authority.

Here is a quick summary of the scandal; the full story is available on Ese Walter’s blog.  Ese Walters was not feeling connected with her old church, she mentioned this to a friend, who proceeded to introduce her to a new wave church in Abuja, Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. She went to the church, loved it and became a regular church member. With time, the flamboyant, charismatic, but very much married pastor noticed her. The Man of God sent for her and asked her to join the church workforce, basically to work as a member of the pastoral service group. She was elated; she felt special to have been noticed by her ‘Daddy in Christ’.ese_coza-500x261

Fast forward a few months, Ese moved to London for her Master’s degree, she kept in touch with her pastor as her spiritual mentor. The pastor planned a visit to London, called Ese to arrange for a taxi to pick him up. She did but did not go to the airport with the taxi to pick the pastor. The pastor was not happy about this, so he called Ese and asked why she did not turn up at the airport. Ese apologized, he invite her to come to his hotel, like a scolded child eager to appease, she agreed.  She called the pastor from the hotel lobby but dear pastor insisted she comes up to his hotel Pent Suite. There he proceeded to offer her alcohol, repeatedly asked her to relax her and before you know it, he was inviting her to sit on his laps and kiss his lips, the rest as they say, is history, a scandalous history.

Ese Walters said the adulterous affair with her pastor went on daily for a week. After which she felt bad and had a conscience breakdown, she called the affair off and has been feeling a weight on her faith and conscience. She also knows enough about abuse to understand that the pastor actually did abuse his authority. After making many failed efforts to speak to elders of the church to at least get the pastor to acknowledge to her that what he did was wrong, she eventually took to her blog to write about her experience. She also hoped that this would help other victims of abuse and make potential victims more careful.

Unfortunately since speaking out about her experience, she has been called names, accused of trying to bring the church down, and has been forced to close down her twitter account, facebook and other social networks due to the level of abuses she was receiving from Christians.

It is depressing and quite telling that many of those calling Ese Walter ‘a silly girl’ are actually women. Methinks they see in Ese walter things they personally go through every day. They are ashamed of their own reality and would rather blame someone like Ese who is courageous enough to shine light on this unfortunate reality many women live with daily, than confront the reality of their own sad situation.pastor-biodun-fatoyinbo-300x281

Nigerian Pastors know they are held in a Godlike manner by their legion of followers and   Nigerian Christians defend their pastors with vehemence. Any attempt to bring to light the fact that their precious daddies in Christ are less than perfect is always met with the brainless chorus “Touch Not My Anointed, Do My Prophet No Harm”.  Nigerian Christians are quick to stand by their pastors even in the face of blatant abuse of power. At most, they chuck it all down to the devil trying to test their faith. The pastor has no blame. They conveniently put any blame on Satan or the conniving snake in the form of a tempting Jezebel.

The story of Ese Walters and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo brings to fore the abuse many women endure. This is not new. I suspect that even the many women who are quick to blame or castigate Ese walter, see in her what they also are; victims of abuse, but unlike Ese Walter, they are not ready to admit that they are victims of abuse or just do not understand that abuse comes in different shades.

Now, let us look at some of the shades of abuse women are subjected to daily.

Workplace Abuse– This is so common it is considered normal behavior. Many employers abuse the authority they have. Being a boss, in a position to employ, promote or even offer foreign trips puts you in a position of power. In most cases, especially with male bosses, it is not just a meal ticket; it is also a sex ticket. Every day, many women, single, engaged or married are put in a compromising situation by their male bosses. Many are quick to snigger that those women are adults who have the choice to say NO. But do they really?

Imagine this scenario which unfortunately is so real it might trigger suppressed, sad memories in some women and for many, it is too close to reality to call it mere imagination.

You are a single lady who works in a competitive work environment. Your much feared, much respected and very powerful, married boss who is also the ‘oga at the top’ nominated you to go on an official trip with him.  It is a trip that would boost your career and one that many of your colleagues would kill for. Even though you know you have worked hard to earn the trip, you are still thrilled and surprised to be nominated by the big boss himself. You feel honored, you feel special and you feel your hard work has finally paid off.  You are eager to impress the big boss and justify to him that he did not make a mistake in choosing you.

During your official trip, your boss whom you hold in so much awe invites you to his hotel room. You thought he wanted to go over the day’s event with you, so you practice how to dazzle him with your summary of the day’s meeting, but lo and behold, he was not interested in your well prepared analysis. He asked you to relax, asked you to take a drink,  and even admonished you when you refused alcoholic drinks.  Although you are not a fan of alcohol, but eager not to let him down, you let him thrust a glass of wine into your hands.  He kept pouring and you kept gulping it down to impress him. He wants you to be comfortable, so you tried to relax your nerves. The next thing you know, he is kissing you and trying to get his hands into your pants. You are shocked, you are overwhelmed and really do not know how to react. So you just let it happen.

It is all so new to you but you can bet your life it is nothing new to him. He has tried this tactic on so many other unsuspecting, impressionable female employees.

  • He knows how to play the game.
  • He understands the power he wields.
  • He knows you are not really in a position to give valid, unquestionable consent.
  • He knows you are so damn afraid of losing your job you will likely play along.
  • He knows the odds are stacked against you.
  • He knows that even if you refused his advances, he will get away with it.
  • He knows sexual harassment cases are hardly brought in Nigerian courts.
  • He knows he is abusing his power but he sees it as perks of office.
  • He knows whatever happens in that hotel room, it will still swing in its favor.

If you play along, it is in his favour, if you didn’t, it is still in his favour because you can never talk about it. Or accuse him of sexual harassment. And if you were brave (foolish?) enough to make that accusation, you stand the chance of losing your job, being widely called a slut and people asking what you were doing in his hotel room if you were not ready to have sex with him.

You immediately become the accused, not the victim of sexual harassment. Your powerful boss knows this, so he plays his card esewhilst he is rest assured that he holds all the aces. He understands that he holds a power over you. He is in a situation of control, he feels you owe him for putting your name down for the trip, even if you very well deserved that promotion or trip, he feels you need to earn it by sleeping with him. Yes, many men are like that, just he-goats with rampaging dicks for a brain.

University Lecturers- Of course we know how lecturers are quick to abuse female students. This is so common it is almost an institutionalized thing in Nigerian universities. If a lecturer fancies you, be ready to fight it out or just let the randy cow have his randy way. It takes guts to challenge those people. It is sad that authority figures would so blatantly abuse their power and hold over young, impressionable women.

Teachers– High school teachers are also guilty of this abuse of power. Whilst in secondary school, I know a few teachers who slept openly with under aged students. No one, not even the school principal raised an eyebrow. The affairs were open. It is sad that young girls are hardly believed when they complain about sexual abuse and harassment from their teachers.

Doctors- Doctors are no doubt in a position of authority. The hidden truth is that some Nigerian doctors do abuse their female patients. I have had my share of unpleasant experiences with Nigeria male doctors during my teenage years. It is terrifying for a child to be put in a position to confront the authority of the men in white. I would specifically request that my dead body not be handled by a Nigerian male doctor. Yes, there are many shades of abuses.

Media- There are many ways the media abuse women, especially in the entertainment industry. People say Ese Walters is an adult and should not claim she was abused in anyway. Well, There are many rich, famous women in the entertainment industry like Beyonce, this does not mean they do not have to prance around the stage almost naked if they wish to stay at the top of their career. Sometimes the choice is not just about how old, rich or famous you are. It is about who wields the real power, not just a semblance of power but the real authority.

 God- I wonder how people look onto the Abrahamic God for morals. I mean, if you are talking of the king of immoralities, you can’t look beyond God. You were sexually, psychologically or emotionally abused and you want to seek solace in God?  Really, was it not the same God who impregnated Mary without her consent? How is that not rape or abuse? Nope, God is not the arbiter of morality; he does not have the qualifications.

Now back to Ese Walter and Pastor Fatotyinbo’s case. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has not deemed it fit to clarify the mess.  He Pastor-Biodun-Fatoyinbo-and-Ese-Walterannounced from his pulpit that the church elders will meet and issue a robust response. I wouldn’t be surprised if all hands are on deck to write the robust rebuttal. Maybe Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo has a thing or two over the heads of other elders in the church. After all, he comfortably discussed the issue of his philandering with some of the elders. It is most likely that they are all in the game together.

Yes, Ese Walter is an adult, but you cannot deny the fact that her pastor has an unhealthy influence over her.  He was her spiritual mentor. She believes in a God and her pastor was that being on earth next to her Skydaddy. In fact, the pastor holds that vessel through which she connects to her Skydaddy.

The pastor has a moral obligation not to abuse that hold he had over her. The point is that he did abuse that power. He not only abused that influence, he deliberately manipulated that hold to put her in a position that suits his needs. He is a shepherd with a pastoral duty to his sheep. He manipulatively led one of his sheep to the slaughter slab.

People need to understand that this is not just a case of ‘Man meets woman, ask her for sex’ situation. This was not an equal playing field. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had a very strong spiritual and psychological hold on this lady and he exploited that hold to the fullest. Through the entire trauma she went through and still going through, this so called ‘Man of God’ has not even found the empathy, humility or milk of human kindness to apologize to this lady for abusing the trust she had in him and the distress he has caused her.

According to her, when she asked about the inappropriateness of their sexual intercourse, during one of their trysts, he arrogantly said “I will teach you a level of grace that you don’t understand.” What a manipulative asshole!

And to those (especially women) who thinks this woman is just playing the role of a victim or playing into the stereotype of women as weaklings, you are simply not getting it.

She is not playing the victim; she is a victim of psychological abuse. She is a victim of a very manipulative man whom she held in high esteem. With her pastor, she was Alice in Wonderland. It was a whole new world for her, a world where she was dancing and dining with a demi-god.

Her pastor knew exactly how she felt. Of course he had built his whole career on appearing like God’s right hand man on earth. He knows how to manipulate this feeling and like a skilled predator, he horned in on his prey for the kill. From more revelations coming out, it is clear that this was not his first kill and it most probably won’t be the last.

It is important that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo be held accountable for his predatory behavior.

And for those who says Ese Walter is doing this for revenge because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. For one, Eze Walter was not scorned. According to her, she ended the affair because it was becoming a big burden on her conscience and faith. She did not publish this inappropriate sexual encounter for the sake of revenge. In her own words

This is my confession and I cannot begin to describe how much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders just pouring the truth out about what went down

I am a stronger woman and a damn abuse survivor seeking to connect with other victims of abuse to show them how to deal with the shame, hurt and guilt and how to come out stronger. Turning their mess into their message.

My aim with this blog is to show other ladies who suffered same fate at his hands both in Illorin and Abuja (some of whom have emailed me but are still trapped in guilt and shame to speak up) that there is nothing to be ashamed of. The clout he has over people can cause them to do thoughtless things but in the end, it’s all out there and I am at peace with myself and with God.

With the way Nigerians are quick to defend their pastors, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Nigerian Christian women wish they could roll in bed with their Daddy in Christ like Pastor David Oyedepo, daddy Adeboye, prophet T.B Joshua, and get to feel their anointed dicks.

I wouldn’t be surprised that many Nigerian Christian men would jump at the opportunity to physically kiss the anointed butt of their Daddy in Christ, if they were told to do so by the precious Daddy in Christ.

Nigerian Christians worship these pastors, not really because they want to go to heaven, love or fear God so much. They just want a bit of the prosperity anointing that their precious ‘Daddies in Christ’ seem to be swimming in. It does not matter that their pastors slap young girls, it does not matter that they enrich themselves with church resources, it does not matter that they abuse their pastoral position, all the average Nigerian Christian want is an opportunity to be part of the ‘Anointing’.

I admire Ese Walter’s bravery in speaking out and trying to heal, but I fear that she will only meet disappointment in whatever church she seeks solace in.31028_376957645712060_1709111172_n

Her sense of morality did not come from religion; it comes from being a decent person.

Her remorse did not come from religion; it comes from wanting to be a better person.

Her church, her pastor or a personal relationship with a Skydaddy cannot give her that moral reprieve. God cannot give what it does not have. Man created God without a sense of decency; therefore it cannot give you what he lacks.

Ese Walter, this is not meant to put you in distress or test your faith. It is just the brutal truth. You said you have now started reading the bible on your own; I applaud that decision. It is the first step towards emancipation from mental slavery. I read the bible and it turned me into an atheist. My sense of morality overcame any idea of spending eternity with a sadistic, bigoted, egomaniac, tribalistic God who commands genocides out of mere jealousy. Your sense of morality will eventually make you question what you read and I hope you will also have the strength to speak out on behalf of all the victims of the atrocities commanded by God in the bible.

There are many shades of abuses; unfortunately the God in the bible, created by the fevered imagination of those who have perfected the act of manipulation, is the ultimate abuser.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay strong and always stand on the side of truth and justice.  Seek ye the truth and the truth shall set you free. You have spoken your truth; feel free to fly on the lightened weight of your conscience.  The hero lies in you, not in the sky, not in some ancient book, not in your pastor, not in a holy building. You are your own hero. Regardless of what the shamers say, take pride in your conscience.


  1. Pen says

    That’s a powerful analysis of what keeps women in subordinate positions in workplaces, academia and also churches. When you think about it, for young men, the way to the top is often to allow themselves to be mentored by an older, more powerful man. And the older men take them on board, mentor them and groom them for top positions. There is no other route to the top in a lot of fields. Where older men regard young women as sex toys, there is no way up for them, however ambitious they might be. Stepping away from religion is a great plan, but it’s the same old same old in professional fields.

  2. EL says

    You call God the ultimate abuser? You have nerves girl -- very uninformed ones. That you didn’t drop dead the moment you wrote that does not mean you were right or that God was powerless to respond. Neither am I trying to respond on His behalf.

    I would advise you to write another article, apologising to a most-loving God for insulting Him in your foolishness. Read the Nativity story again -- with your eyes open and your foolishness out of the way, and tell me again that Mary did not consent (even desire) to be the mother of Jesus!! (do you even know what happened there?) Have you not joined the blind people who, claiming to see, only displaying their crass ignorance -- their hopelessly shameless foolishness for the whole world to see? READ the BIBLE ACCOUT VERY WELL A.G.A.I.N. and tell me one more time that God abused Mary.

    My final advise. No matter what, blast men, shred women, maul children, but keep God out of it -- even when you dont understand, first ask questions -- a lot of it -- before you start vomiting crap. Remember at the end of your brief stint here, you’ll stand before this God, before whom “the lofty are humbled” just by the share splendour of His Majesty. He loves you and wants you to repent now.

    As powerful as He is, He still allows you to choose… and you accuse Him of abuse? O blind me!

  3. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @SallyStrange You are welcome,SallyStrange.
    In all honesty, I feel bad for the lady. Somehow, what she is going through reminds me of the turmoil i felt when i started questioning the morality of God. How could I love, admire or worship a being , especially a supposedly divine being , with so much frailties? Thank goodness , i quickly outgrew God not long after I outgrew Santa Claus. I hope she figures it out too, not just her pastor, but the whole concept of faith and God.

  4. Abbie says

    I’m all caught up now (after googling the story)- “I will teach u a level of grace that you don’t understand.” What the hell does that even mean? I read that story with some incredulity -her going to his hotel room, sitting on his lap etc, but then again, I’m an atheist and can spot a manipulative asshole 12 miles off. The most dangerous kinds are the subtle ones -- and it is unfortunate that religion basically keeps their members emotionally needy, ripe and open for abuse! Predators and victims!

    You’re right- the abrahamic god was the master manipulator/abuser. If he had the foresight to see that he’ll need to drown men, women and children not long after he created them- he’d have to be a complete right bastard to still create them only to DROWN them later. Not to talk of his instructions for some of his creation to take other creations and make them slaves.

    The entire bible is a cycle of telling people they aren’t good enough and that they cannot survive w/o this jesus or god. Do you know THAT is the one thing abusers tell their victims? That they (the victims) are no good and cannot survive on their own- they totally break you down psychologically so you start to believe you’re worth nothing and the god of the abrahamic religion perfected that tactic. FORTUNATELY- there IS NO GOD- the assholes, the men in that patriarchal bronzed age society perfected that tactic, all the while claiming they were receiving communication from an even higher authority, “god”. It’s simple psychology really -- claim there’s an authority figure/or be the authority figure, shame the victim, convince them they need help repeatedly, convince them they’re nothing w/o you, offer “help”/take away help in form “punishment” (like you would do a dog) and bahm! you’ve got a recipe for what religion truly is.

  5. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Pen; So very true, Pen! Another privilege of being a man in a patriarchal society is that you can be groomed by a male heterosexual mentor without being sexually harassed or fear possible sexual assault from your mentor And you do not have to face the embarrassing workplace gossip of whether or not you are sleeping with your boss and was promoted because you ditch out sexual favours to your mentor. Believe me, that is very annoying!

  6. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @EL; Shhhhhhhh EL, adults are talking! Go play in the garden with your skydaddy.
    You can join this conversation when you finally figure out that there is no Santa Claus and a God who is famed for committing genocides is not a loving God, until then, please grow a brain, you need it to comment on my blog.

  7. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    The entire bible is a cycle of telling people they aren’t good enough and that they cannot survive w/o this jesus or god. Do you know THAT is the one thing abusers tell their victims? That they (the victims) are no good and cannot survive on their own- they totally break you down psychologically so you start to believe you’re worth nothing and the god of the abrahamic religion perfected that tactic

    So sadly true! This manipulative pastor even upped the antic with “I will teach you a level of Grace you don’t understand’
    Unfortunately I can understand how a dazzled christian would fall for such bollocks but to think she is still seeking truth in an ancient book of myths and solace in a church, quite sad.

  8. says

    It is very sad when a twisted, warped belief system like Christianity causes otherwise intelligent, good-hearted people to allow themselves to be abused in the Name of the Lord.

    And yes, the god of the Bible is definitely an abusive father/partner. Christianity’s widespread acceptance is a major obstacle to ending the epidemic of domestic and sexual abuse. Likewise Judaism and Islam. Hinduism isn’t great either.

    I’m under no illusions that ending religion would end misogyny and sexual abuse, but it would definitely help.

  9. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Adejumobi Mayowa God is watching you,,, masturbate? Hm yeah, that seems like a favorite pastime of your perverted God. Sorry to break the news to you but God cannot watch or “exit” because he does not exist. And your Hereafter is as real as Santa,
    Grow up, I am not really a fan of adults who insist on sharing news of their imaginary friends with me. Not on my blog.

  10. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    I’m under no illusions that ending religion would end misogyny and sexual abuse, but it would definitely help

    Yes, it surely would help, it would help a great deal. Plus, I won’t have to listen to adults tell me about their imaginary friends and how I am going to burn in hell for refusing to play with their Skydaddy. That would be utopia!

  11. Uyi says

    I believe the so called men of God are the greatest atheist alive. Because if they have the fear of God, they wouldn’t do some of the things they are doing today, except for one very obvious reason, which is; that God probably doesn’t exist. So they exploit the beliefs and weakness of their followers and even go as far as crowning themselves as the earthly representative of the God fellow, so they can have so much power and authority over their followers. Its really sad.

  12. Kay says

    Yemisi Ileosan e @ all, u see d trash u r blabing here is just a mattr of time u will eat up all ur vormit. Is it bcos u are opportune to write on d internet., I mean ur so call ur useless blog my foot mtchwe that make to start blasphemy, God kept u till now bcos HE knows u ‘ll be useful to the kingdom to bring ur cohort unto Him. But make sure u don’t destroy too much so that u won’t blame ur self sooooooo much by d time u realised and become born again Christian. Take heed

  13. Aghama Amadasun says

    Inspite of the ignorant and religiously blinded people condemning Ese Walter for coming out to say what she has experienced in the hands of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.I strongly know and believe she is telling the TRUTH 100%,it is time we do away with the religious blackmail toga of ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm’.I am proud of the courage and boldness of Ese.

  14. Good Lord says

    wow! Atheist page :)! Anyway, one common thing I’v found among Atheist all over d world is dat dey believe in d existence of a supernatural being but choose 2 live in denial.. Unfortunately, wen trials of life come knocking, dey always end up giving up too soon cuz dia is no supernatural being to commune wit, a lot of Atheist suffer from depression n are suicidal (u may want to research dis).. Wat can I possibly say ‘ Well, may d good Lord open d eyes of your understandingu.. And remember, dear Atheists that God loves u n over every soul there is joy in Heaven. God loves you, Jesus loves, Holyspirit loves you. Trinity loves you. My sincere prayer is dat u encounter him in your sleep tonight n in your daily activities.. I will also intercede 4 u, u need to be part of this love affair, selah!

  15. HeCareth says

    All your human wisdom or education and/or presentation (here) have all ended up completely encapsulated in FOLLY. Asiwere wi lokan ara re wipe, “Olorun ko si.” I didn’t say that. My GOD said that. In reply to your folly. I’m just relaying it to you. Get my drift…And I believed Him. It would have been better you had stayed on the point you came to address. Everyone is welcome. It’s a free world, regardless your belief system or life orientation. But no.
    You can’t stay on the point you came to address but drifted…to show us the EMPTINESS of your soul. You have a BAD AND DIRE NEED. We’ve seen it. We’ve added you and your type as the 51st type (shade) of abuse.You are so needy -- you are victim. But it wasn’t God that abuse you. It’s either westernisation or your father the devil. My SkyDaddy is a good Daddy. (You meant it to abuse us. But we are better off with Him.) And I PITY your condition more…because while Ese’s soul and others’ are being restored…yours has been sold. You don’t even have it any more. That’s more than abuse. Don’t worry, Jesus paid the price to buy it back and redeem you. You are not passed redemption. Because if Thomas Paine, a bigger atheist than you are, could be redeemed on his sick bed, at the last minute, you can. SAY ANY VILE WORD IF YOU CARE IN RESPONSE, DOEST IT MATTER ANY MORE. It only all the more shows your emptiness and neediness.
    That you don’t believe God does EXIST not change His existence -- much the same way that you believe or not believe that you’re breathing in Oxygen does not change the existence of it. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU AND SAVE YOUR SOUL. (we can’t even see the matter you’re address -- you’ve drawn attention to yourself -- but it’s ok, it’s a CRY-OUT ..”Help me I’m lost!) GOD WILL SAVE YOU.

  16. Peace says

    My God can not failure. Foolish writer that the devil has blindfolded. I weep for your soul and I pray you meet this God by accepting Jesus as ur Lord. Anything you call this God does not move Him a bit, it does not change His personality, that He is a lovely God. If I were God, I would have discipline this ignorant and blind writer but God won’t do that because He does not want the death of a sinner but that they come into repentance. I pray for your salvation before it is too late.

  17. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    Wow! Who let the Dogs out?

    The Christians are pissed and are coming in gangs to display their ignorance, hate, delusion and bigotry on my blog. Hmm… I should get the popcorn. 🙂

  18. says

    Seriously. You get all the best quality trolls, Yemisi. They use ALL CAPS and shout about hellfire and stuff. PZ only gets boring “you said penis, hurr hurr” Beavis/Butthead types.

    I hope Ms. Walter can find peace and comfort, in whatever ways works best for her. The Pastor, well, it’s not very often I wish the god they claim to worship existed, because based on the ostensible rules of that god, the pastor would be spending a rather warm eternity, devoid of happy harps or so-called saints. But I’ll have to settle for knowing that at least one woman is out from under his evil, and hoping more are able to follow her away from the evil.

  19. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    CaitieCat- Yeah, my trolls are quite flamboyant with their admonitions of ‘Touch Not My Anointed’ and threats of hellfire. They all sound like a broken record and scream like angry chickens regurgitating the words of their new found Masters; the Pastors. Although it is sad to watch such level of stupidity and ignorance, it still makes for some hilarious entertainment. PZ trolls should really come see how it is done! 🙂

    I do wish Ms Ese Walters all the best , including the hard truth about what faith is. As for the Pastor, according to him, God has directed him not to respond to this allegation, however that did not stop him from issuing threats to Miss Ese from the pulpit during his sermon. Really, it is a pity that hellfire is not real.

  20. Tutu says

    It’s ok to make intelligent comments on the case but watch it. Psalm 14: 1 says that a fool says in his heart that there is no God. Watch it girl. The fact that some people made mistakes which shows that man( including you) is not perfect does not mean that you should insult God. There are still many Christians and men of God who have kept the integrity of God’s word. Be very careful with the way you run analysis. You aren’t the most intelligent person in this world. You have your LLM but I don’t think you are a professor. The professors in all their wisdom can’t match God.

  21. Tola says

    Not sure I’ll let my uncles and brothers visit this site. You will abuse them indirectly by your dressing. I am seeing to much revelation of thighs here and I am afraid for them. Guess abuse comes in different forms the abusers are not aware of.

  22. says

    Tutu -- how about you ask your god to smite me, right now. it’s a god, it knows who and where I am, right? It’s omniscient?

    So, go ahead, Tutu’s god, strike me down. Whatever. Lightning bolt is traditional, i think? But I’d take a heart attack as proof, or a slip-and-fall in the bathroom, or a meteor strike, whatever. Just do it, right now. Because I’m a completely unrepentant non-believer, I’m a lesbian, I’m trans*, I listen to rock’n’roll, I dance with boys, you name it that your god’s against, I’m pretty much for it.

    Well, y’know, it works the other way too: your god’s in favour of slavery, killing children, asking parents to murder their own children, turning cities into glass. I’m opposed to those things.

    So: here I am. If it’s a real god, I should be dead, right?

    I’ll post later again, to show you I’m still alive, unless, y’know, you’re right. Otherwise, I’m going to go on being a completely irreverent person toward imaginary beings.


  23. Tutu says

    The wonderful ting about my God is His concept of long rope and mercy. Even Jonah didn’t appreciate that fact. Paul was actually killing Christians until he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. He’ll keep having mercy on you until He’ll strive with you no more. But be very careful. Don’t let the devil cheat you.

  24. says

    Well, bad luck so far, Tutu, I’m still here. So, I do all sorts of things your god disapproves of, and explicitly invited a smiting. Care to rationalize why I’m not dead, or is your god just a weak-ass nothing who can’t even smite a snarky dyke when she’s even asking for it?

    More impotent than omnipotent, no?

  25. Tutu says

    Yemisi, I really don’t want to trade words with you. Intelligent people argue wisely without hauling insults or using swear words. I am also a lawyer who studied law at the prestigious University of Bristol. I have been trained to argue and criticize intelligently. everyone has a right to proffer their arguments. When you are equipped with such level of understanding, you don’t insult. Yemisi if God kills you right now, you’ll go straight to hell, that’s the truth. the fact that a little girl who lives in ‘Agbeni’ Ibadan assumes that oxford circus does not exist does not really mean that it does not exist. People are in fact trading there everyday. I will say one last thing to you Yemisi. Go back to your foundation. I don’t want to assume that you were a strong Christian who converted to an atheist when you got to England. That’s not unusual with Nigerians, they assume everything at home is archaic and a lie so they change in a foreign land. Yemisi, Jesus is still calling you and I know that it’s very hard to comprehend the fact that someone loves you even when you don’t love Him and can express it with all boldness on your blogg. If you’ve ever fallen in love with another human being being. You’ll realize that man is not like God. Give your life to Jesus Yemisi. He cares for you. I won’t be sending you replies anymore unless I am desperately tempted. Take care.

  26. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Kay- Stop rambling and learn to write before you comment on my wall. If you are an example of your God’s handiwork, you make a very poor exhibition. I give your God a total fail. See, you are even useless to your God. Grow a brain.

    Holy Flying spaghetti Monster, Why are many Nigerian Christians so stupid


    If I were God, I would have discipline this ignorant and blind writer but God won’t do that because He does not want the death of a sinner but that they come into repentance

    Is your God so blind, deaf, dumb and so incapable of thinking or acting that he needs you to speak for him and get angry on his behalf? Stop trying to speak for your Skydaddy.

    You Christians sound so pathetic when you get all aggressive on behalf of your useless God. Now, go play in the garden with little Jesus, he wanna rub anointing oil on your hair while you rub his feet.

    Yeah, Of course Jesus saves,lol!

  27. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    Good Lord:

    God loves you, Jesus loves, Holyspirit loves you. Trinity loves you. My sincere prayer is dat u encounter him in your sleep tonight n in your daily activities.. I will also intercede 4 u, u need to be part of this love affair, selah!

    You pervert, I do not want to be part of your foursome orgy with your perverted imaginary Skydaddy, who is his is own father, his own son and got his own mother pregnant!

    Yeah, I get it; God loves us so much and wants a love affair with us, this is why Jesus watches you Masturbate

    I guess a three way love affair with the holy Trinity isn’t such a bad idea. But hey, isn’t your relationship with your God supposed to be private? This insistence on dragging me into your love affair with God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost on my page bothers on perversion. Go get a room!

    @Tola- Don’t worry, feel free to masturbate to the visuals of my thighs with your whole family, just remember perverted Jesus is watching you Masturbate and he is getting off on it too 🙂

  28. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    My SkyDaddy is a good Daddy

    Your Skydaddy is a sadistic, bigoted, egomaniac tyrant who killed innocent children with flood, plagues and committed genocides just because he was jealous people worshiped other Gods.
    Your Skydaddy commanded the killings of millions of people because they were not the chosen one.
    Your Skydaddy placed a curse on your black skin
    Your Sky daddy sanctioned the slavery of your forefathers.
    Your racist Skydaddy says you are not the chosen race.
    Your Sky daddy thinks you are an inferior being.
    Your Skydaddy impregnated Mary without her consent.
    Your Skydaddy raped and abused another Man’s fiancé.
    Your Skydaddy loves you so much the ship that was used to cart off your ancestors to a life of slavery in foreign lands was named Jesus, after himself and his incestuously begotten son.

    Now tell me again how good and all loving your Skydaddy is.

    You know, As Chris Rock said A black Christian is like a black person with no memory. Go pray and worship your Skydaddy, before he smites your disgraceful ass and make you burn in hell forever. What a loving God.

  29. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    You aren’t the most intelligent person in this world. You have your LLM but I don’t think you are a professor. The professors in all their wisdom can’t match God

    Oh poor you, no one needs a certificate to create God, after all, ancient men who lived in caves and who roamed the desserts created the God you are so proud of.

    Why on earth do you think you have to import everything including God when you can create your own God? Even the Gods your forefathers created were not deemed fit to be exported by you ignorant believers.

    You do not need a brain to create God, however, you need a brain to break your mental chains and emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

    As Christopher Hitchens said, It is called Faith because it is not Knowledge
    All you need to create God is ignorance with a dose of faith.


    He’ll keep having mercy on you until He’ll strive with you no more?

    When I wrote about one of your precious private jet owning pastor who derives joy in slapping young girls during church service, in this blog post
    Slap Some Sense into Bishop David Oyedepo and video, many of your fellow Christians warned that i have 7 days to repent before the wrath of God strikes me dead, need I say it’s been more than a year now and your God is still too incapacitated to strike.

    Geesh, you lots should stop regurgitating what you were fed by your Pastors. Is it too difficult to switch on your brain or is it that there is a gaping hole where your brain is supposed to be?
    Really, why are many Nigerian Christians so stupid

  30. Yemisi Ilesanmi says


    Yemisi if God kills you right now, you’ll go straight to hell

    Is the fear of hell the reason you believe in God?

    This is neither intelligent nor decent of you.
    As Albert Einstein said: If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for a reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. I guess you just can’t comprehend why some of us can be good without God. I actually wonder at people who think we need God or the fear of hell to be God. It is morally disgusting.


    I will say one last thing to you Yemisi. Go back to your foundation. I don’t want to assume that you were a strong Christian who converted to an atheist when you got to England. That’s not unusual with Nigerians, they assume everything at home is archaic and a lie so they change in a foreign land

    Why do you assume there are no Atheists in Nigeria who had never visited foreign lands?
    Do you think intelligence or the capacity to reason is a foreign import?
    You do your fellow country people a disservice by implying that they lack the capacity to reason and understand that God is a man made concept.

    BTW,, I have been living in UK for only 4 years and prior to that, was fully resident in Nigeria, however I have been an atheist for about15 years now, I hope you have enough brain capacity to do the simple arithmetic.

    I outgrew Santa Claus and your imaginary God a long time ago as explained in this Video: Why Am I An Atheist and Blogpost: Why Am I An Atheist

    Now, go cry about my lost soul to your imaginary God, the irony is, if he existed, he cared more about my lost soul than your saved soul. Stupid and unfair, as usual, the joke is on you, dear saved soul 🙂

  31. Kandid says

    Yemisi, you started with a very good argument, religion is rubbish, its all mind control, used to manipulate and take every kind of advantages, due and undue, sexual, monetary, material and all kind of possession of victims. If you will like me to prove it, you (Yemisi Ilesanmi) are also a big victim of manipulation yourself (not sexual, other hidden and dangerous ones). You ended up with a lame hypothesis of the God-factor in the abuse of authority. First, that you believe that Mary got pregnant with the power of God, shows that you acknowledge God as the all powerful one, that in itself is not a mistake, its an emptiness in you, craving for God Himself that brought that unconscious awareness out of you. The other side of it is that Mary knew before hand she will be pregnant, she understood the circumstances around the pregnancy; the spiritual significance as it relates to God’s eternal plan for the fallen man like you and I, all well expressed in her praise after the message from the angel, your hypothesis about God in this case shows that you are not informed, you don’t even know how to be a pantheist, you don’t have the capacity, your writing style do not show you have a thought or ideology tending to atheism (or better, pantheism since you believe God exists). You are only forcing yourself to be one. God understand your “sickness”. Children does that at times, they tell their parent they have power, they can fly like superman, like you, they decided to be subjected and be limited in reasoning to the fathom cartoon. Europe is known to be popular for atheism and related though about God, you have decided to be limited, that is my observation. When a pantheist write a statement, in their writing style, its all over underlined, you read their thought. Your choice of words and the context in which they were used, like “God”, “Godlike”, and “Conscience” really shows you are trying to explore some ideology, they are words atheist and pantheist carefully have been trained to passionately avoid if they were the writer of this blog.
    I think you are not big enough an ideologist of such genre that will deserve a big argument from me. Only get fact right and put them in proper order, then you are qualified as one of those “fools who says there is no God”. I hope you understand my usage of “fools” in the above context, its purely biblical allusion of Psalm 14:1, not grammatical. And I believe you read bible, you cant prove otherwise.

  32. Kandid says


    Do you ever hear children tell their daddy “I will carry you up like superman carried the bad guys and break you into pieces”, or have you heard them say something like “daddy, I have power more than you, you cannot push me”, and many fantasy display after watching cartoon and Hollywood mind toiling movies. Do you see their daddy reaction, a smile you say, in his face But in his mind something like “you just a kid, i can understand, your imagination is very limited”, perhaps at time, he says, “Son an thinking of a more important thing. “God is busy with more important thing, He doesn’t have to kick your ass, your ass is already being busted by your mind. There is something you don’t have that the save soul has, you will be shocked if I tell you, its the reaso you are suffering up till now, and its exactly what you are looking for

  33. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    Kandid -- Did you just discover drugs and went right ahead to abuse it? I was just wondering if you are always this permanently high or just permanently stupid. Your comments come across as incredibly ludicrous.

    You know there is a popular Nigerian adage that says if you are taking a bath in the river and a naked mad person steals your clothes, do not run after the mad person in an attempt to retrieve your stolen clothes because onlookers will find it difficult to know which one of you is mad.

    It is for this reason I won’t bother to take on the many idiocies inherent in your comments including your inability to understand satire, the pathetic way you threw the word Pantheism around like a new vocabulary you just discovered without knowing its meaning and your almost laughable confusion of the word Atheism.

    Your desperate attempt to string together words to make what can only be referred to as rambling, pathetically ignorant comments is a testimony to the saying that half baked education is worse than none .

    When someone who does not know tries to come off as all knowing, it is laughable as well as pathetic. I would be doing my blog a great disservice if I gave you space to continue to vomit your ignorance here. Therefore, starting now, your comments goes straight into the trash can. And truly do not abuse drugs, it hardly ends well.

  34. says

    Oh, and for anyone wondering -- STILL ALIVE!

    I guess your god’s still busy, what with helping football teams win over other football teams who also prayed, and teaching all those families important moral lessons in his mysterious ways when their babies starve, and letting children have terrible, pain-soaked cancers, because obviously they’re sinners, and embracing slavery and genocide, and stoning people to death for having sex at the wrong time or with the wrong person, y’know, the usual sadistic brutality of your everyday modern deity.

    Still, any time he (it’s always a he, isn’t it? you think that says something about the deluded?) wants to get around to just reaching out and miraculously smiting this here ultimate sinner, I’m sure he’s still got my address, what with the omnignorance (= everything is beyond his knowing) and omnimpotence (= everything is beyond his power).

    I’ll make sure to keep a note on my kitchen counter to drop y’all a comment if he gets around to it any time in the next fifty or so years, k? Hope you won’t mind, i’m not holding my breath (that’d be cheating, amirite?).

  35. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @CaitieCat- Laughing out loud at the disappointment of the many Christians whose only wish right now is that their all loving God strikes you dead just to prove he is omnipotent, omnipresence, omniscient and one never to be made fun of. Wishing evil on someone just to prove your Skydaddy is real; Pathetic and very Christianlike! Keep disappointing the believers and their God. 🙂

  36. says

    LOL, glad I could give you a smile. Made it through the night. He must be really busy killing in mysterious ways over in Syria, I guess. If only he’d, like, give me a paper ticket with a number on it, so I could have some idea where in queue I was…;)

  37. stever says

    The word “pastor” really says it all. It literally means “shepherd”, implying that they see their followers as sheep, to be fleeced or slaughtered for the shepherd’s benefit. And yes, I know the scriptural origin of that usage, but that’s not the way the word is used now.

  38. says

    Well, I`m probably tempting fate, since there’s 2.5 hours to go in Friday the 13th yet (w00000 scary -- demons are gonna get me!), but in case any of you were wanting some empirical data on the effects of your prayers for my demise, here’s an update:

    I’ve got a small cut on my upper arm, it kinda almost got a little infected, but I was able to knock it out with some antiseptic cream.

    My left ear seems a bit itchy.

    Oh, and I have a Mysterious Bruise on my shin, which i’m sure is a near-miss from your god’s killing blow (nice shot! better luck next time!)…or possibly a result of my not putting the lights on when I went to the bathroom at 3am the other night. One of those things.

    Anyway, still alive, still sinning my little heart out, still -- Waiting for God? Oh.

  39. Akpesiri says

    Nice article, but your understanding of God flawed the post. You called God a rapist and compared Him to Santa claus. That was very laughable.

  40. Esther says

    I read your blog today and I must confess you are the most stupid person I’ve ever seen, u have so much guts and temerity to Talk about the creator of the universe any way I don’t blame you. The bible already told us about ur type. Look at you calling God all kinds of name yet accusing someone else of being an abuser. Was she a kid? Were you there? Because he refused to talk or reply you automatically took that has been a guilty verdict. You alone took him to your court judged him and decided to run ur mouth or should I say your fingers like diarrhea talking about what uor weren’t privy to u better dessist from this notice me attitude because one day it might land you in trouble and yes I’m a woman and if choose to sleep with a married man then I have no one to blame but myself when he dumps me and go back to his God and his wife to sEek for forgiveness.

  41. Esther says

    Remember this yoruba adage “the dog that refuses to hear the call of the hunter always go missing” yemisi if u have been where I’ve been in life. Dying for fifteen minutes and coming back to life being in an hospital and seing the person that wants to kill you when no one else can see and seeing an angel u simply won’t say the rubbish you are saying right now oh! I forgot to I also saw an alien craft long before I even knew what aliens were. So you see we can’t all face the same way like u ok.

    P.S: you look like a marine spirit. And yes I’ve seen one before and I must admit the devil do know how to pervert and clone his robots

  42. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Esther -- You really should see a Doctor for your delusions, you are clearly not in a good mental state. BTW, both your delusions and ignorance are not welcomed on my blog. From now on, your comment goes straight into the trash can. Get well soon and don’t forget to grow a brain.

  43. Seye says

    ok, so who is demon infested? Who needs help? and who is God giving a wide long rope in his mercy? and who should be wise now and not be a fool?

  44. All Over says

    How old are you ? What is your message ? Is Ese related to you ? Because you really dont know her as much as i do. Am not playing religion or whatsoever, i just want you to be sure that this girl is the biggest liar on this planet.
    As a matured writer or feminist that u are,u shld hv gotten to the bottom of this

  45. All Over says

    Dont you see Oprah,Ellen ……. Great women ,they dont talk and respond to people like you. Eze snatched my boyfriend ,we were mates in college . You should not speak for someone like that. No wonder your husband said you dont wash your pussy well,it stinks like gabbage. Am your friend but i will expose you. Has your body odour left you ? Or your still nuturing it. Lwkmd…………. Your pussy is damaged like spoilt fan belt ……….. wtf if ur husband leave u nah because you stink

  46. All Over says

    Let me advise you ehn go kill your parents for getting married and giving birth to you. Am sure even your family is ashamed of you. After you have fucked n fucked n fucked n fucked, u have destroyed your womb with series of abotion ,you come dey mara up n down. BASTARD !!! Go fuck yourslf. U fit go fuck your papa or your mama.

  47. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    Whoa, the dogs are out! Who let the dogs out? They probably escaped from a mental ward and decided to hangout on my blog. Sorry guys and gals, your ignorance and stupidity aren’t welcomed on my space. .

    @All Over- just shut the fuck up and stop displaying your ignorance and stupidity all over my blog. You obviously need to take some pills to regain use of your mental faculty. You lack the IQ to comment on my page, therefore your comment now goes straight to the trash can, where you belong. Bye. 🙂

  48. says

    Yemisi, i pity yr miserable life!! I think your life is meaningless because i’ve read through everything on your blog and am really disappointed in the University that gave you a Law degree.
    Even if you do not believe in God, you dont have to display your ignorance here…
    You well know HELL FIRE is reserved for the UNBELIEVING and sinners which God wouldnt want you to be part except you CHOSE to…
    According to the Psalm 14:1, A FOOL says in his/her heart that there is no God. Dont wait to go over to the other side of eternity to repent!!
    I love you and thought to advise you….
    Stay well oh!

  49. says

    LOL, how hilariously incoherent. Only the unbelievers will get hellfire? Dude, I’ve been sinning my little heart out for about 30 years now, and your omnimpotent SkyDaddy hasn’t seen fit to so much as scratch me for it.

    And how does that work anyway? If I don’t believe in the sadistic* bastard**’s need to be worshipped by everyone in oddly specific ways, I get the hellfire I also don’t believe in? Why is critical thinking your enemy, Zion? Why do you hate simple logic so?

    * Sadistic: see Bible.

    ** Bastard: see Bible.

  50. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @Christ -- Your long winded deluded comment violates my comment policy. My space is not an avenue to proselytize or spread your delusion. Your mythical namesake was nailed to the cross for his delusions, you on the other hand will get a ban, also your long winded comment will be deleted. Goodbye. 🙂

  51. myke says

    @Caitiecat,you’re only ranting and you seem so unimportant.U sound like a person that has been abandoned.Sorry,go get a life.@Yemisi,all you’ve been sayin is just trash.But really lemme ask do u really stink?U cldnt debunk all those lies right?U as a man can create somethin and do whatever u want with it,God created us for his pleasure,He can do whatever He wants with us.Luckily for man,His thoughts towards us if of good.U ve got nothing bcos u dnt av a God.No source at all.U re worse than a bastard

  52. says

    myke, you’re just pissed because your all-powerful invisible sky-wizard can’t kill off one mouthy white woman who’s broken almost every one of his stupid, bronze-age sexist bullshit “laws” that the “priests” (who get power over people by claiming to be the special friend of the skywizard) made up.

    Still alive, by the way, still lesbian, still proud of it, still proudly having my lesbian sex and cavorting on various sabbaths and disrespecting my horrible parents. Still wearing fabric of mixed fibre, and just for you, I went out on a friend’s farm recently and gleaned the fields a bit. Just because it’s “sinful”. Because your sky-wizard? Doesn’t exist, and cannot harm me for breaking its “laws”.

    So, you know, you’re cordially invited to go blow a goat. Or maybe some more extra-special-hard prayer will get the sky-wizard to smite me. You never know. Make sure you tithe heavily, sky-wizard the priests really like that.

  53. says

    On further reflection, I want to withdraw something I said, and extend my apologies to myke and Yemisi and anyone else I harmed with this:

    myke, you’re just pissed because your all-powerful invisible sky-wizard can’t kill off one mouthy white woman

    There was no cause for me to introduce my race into that sentence, and much as I’d like to say it can’t be racism, I can find no conceivable reason it was relevant, and have no option but to say, “Yes, this was racist for me to have done.”

    So I want to say that I’m sorry to myke for that, and to Yemisi, and anyone else I harmed through my foolish and racist behaviour. I will try to learn not to make the error again. I’m content with my snark and stance in re: religion, but racism is not okay, and I’m sorry.

  54. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @myke -Don’t you wish you God was cool like CaitieCat? LOL! 🙂

    Your precious God never even apologized for saying your black ass is not the chosen race. You know Jesus loves you so much that one of the ships used to cart off your ancestors to a lifetime of slavery was named Jesus. What a way to show everlasting love.

    Well, as you said, you are all slaves to your creator , papa God. Actually you are still a slave to the one who sold Christianity to you and you will definitely never know what true freedom means unless you emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

    Since God created you for his pleasure, I am sure he is fucking you right now and perverted Jesus is watching you Masturbate all for the pleasure of the Holy trinity.

    You really are a waste of an evolved brain,

  55. myke says

    @Yemisi,even as u claim to be an atheist i think u should still have a kind of moral code bcos u really reak of a kind of spiritual dirt.You need God.i don’t intend to trade words with u on the issue that concerns my God.My God is almighty.For a human like urself to commit a sin against God n himself doesnt make him less of a man.He his human.U try to follow a life of holiness and see if d road would be easy.All he(Paastor Fatoyinbo)needs do is to come out publicly to confess then he would get his redemption from God.D lady in question wasn’t raped for God’s sake,neither was she charmed.She did something she shouldn’t have done and she’s regretting it even as the pastor still intends to do a cover up.Its already a curse for d lady to think of breaking the Church of God.She is as guilty as d pastor in question.And you yemisi,keep doing what you’re doing be it good or bad.D pple dt lived b4 d arrival of Jesus wld be judged too accordin to d works of their hands.U will only get to heaven and know d truth and u won’t b able to come back and warn ur uninformed followers and your loud mouth won’t save u either.A man without God is a man with Nothing.

  56. jideola says

    @Yemisi: your article here is really a shocker to me. I guess I’ve been living under a rock for not hearing about this incidence. The pastor in question happens to be a “mentor” that most of my friends hold in high esteem. I must say again that I’m shocked. This issue of sexual abuse is fast becoming a trend among leaders globally, especially in the christian faith. I must also commend you for a really good write-up. It was really enlightening. However, a part of it sticks out like a sore thumb. Yes, the part that spoke against God. I’m not going to say you’re entirely wrong for your opinion. I would just like to point out where mary consented in the bible. For argumentative purposes only, read Luke 1:38.
    Reading through the comments that were posted, I was surprised to see many people posting lots of interesting things in an attempt to convince you, correct your opinion or even preach to you. But I was disappointed when all these turned into a war of intellectuals, christians and “funny” people alike. The words used were..disappointing. For the sake of clarity, I’m a christian but also an enlightened person. I also have friends who do not believe in God, but would not speak against him. I have a few things to correct you about on this matter.
    Firstly, I want to believe that you made that comment about God in a bid to enlighten people. And that’s not bad. See, God is a mystery, not a myth. No one knows God fully. Even in the bible and in many other religious teachings , God is different things to different people. And He makes himself known to people in different ways. It depends on what works for you. People relate to God based on their personal beliefs and experiences. I have also seen a traditionalist displaying what his “God” can do. I have personal experiences too..and certain experiences in my life is proves that a God exists..at least, to me.
    Furthermore, I believe that everyone has a right to believe in what he likes. Speaking against what some people believe in is not exactly right. You can state what you believe,but it’s not cool to make people feel bad because of their beliefs. It’s not barbaric or inhuman to believe in “God”.
    Also, I would want you to try and understand that some of the intelligent comments on this article were just meant to preach to you. I only see these people doing what christians have been charged to do: preach. If you don’t want it, simply say thank you and move on. I believe it’s polite that way.
    Having said all that, I would like to say this to all those who have made different interesting comments: It is not in your place to judge any man..and God does not need you to fight for him.
    One question for you, Yemisi: If “God” does not exist, what is man?
    P.s: I’m not as educated as you are..I only just graduated from a nigerian university last year. Kindly enlighten me.

  57. leave them be says

    @caitykat. Relax no one’s going to strike you down. Adolf hitler, idi amin, osama bin laden, jefferey dahmer…did their worst and didn’t get lightning bolts, how much less a blaspheming lesbian @ the rest of you lovely people, whatever gets you through the night. If ms. a is an atheist its her choice however wrong you think she is. That mr. B is a tongue-talking, demon-chasing and bible-believing christian shouldn’t get your hackles up. The christians know (the bible says) that the entire concept of christianity defies human logic i.e. is foolishness to those who don’t believe in it, so what else is new?

  58. Yemisi Ilesanmi says

    @sorry -- It is very stupid of your sorry ass to leave unsolicited advice on my wall. You have deep rooted ignorance, please do not display it on my wall. 🙂

  59. Talking Fingers says

    Wow! A lengthy blog post and comments thread. Some read!

    While I couldn’t help smiling as Yemisi and CaitieCat kicked very deserving ass, I must confess I found Jideola’s maturity very commendable. He holds dissenting views, yeah, but you’ve gotta love how he disagreed and laid out his position. Thumbs up, bro.

    Unfortunately, your take isn’t without its own “sore thumb,” Jideola. 🙂 At some point, you had this to say of Yemisi and her position…

    “Speaking against what some people believe in is not exactly right. You can state what you believe,but it’s not cool to make people feel bad because of their beliefs.”

    Now, I doubt we can correctly say only Yemisi and atheists are guilty of this. Christians do the exact same thing. When the Bible labels certain deeds and lifestyles and people as wrong/bad/evil, and goes on to talk about the place of sinners in a tortuous hell after death, isn’t that speaking against what those people do? When pastors and evangelists make it a point of duty to make sure sinners get an earful of that damning doctrine, aren’t they running foul of what you say isn’t right?

    That, I believe is the crux of the matter. That the Bible, pastors and Christians (and adherents of other organised religions) aren’t tolerant enough as to leave others to their beliefs and convictions (aka ‘sin’), and to do as they deem right; for me, that’s the bane of humanity today.

    In my opinion, to the end that a crime isn’t being committed, ‘sinful’ people really should be left alone. And unless that happens, people will keep being at loggerheads with one another, all in the name of God.

  60. Talking Fingers says

    By the way, more than one year after the scandal broke and our pastor friend promised to come up with a “robust response,” any word on how that’s panned out? I might have missed something, but I really am yet to read a response (however lean), let alone a robust one. Just saying.

  61. Rumbidzai says

    Human, male or female are common to abuse of power. Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Black, White, Red and Yellow. This is not a religious thing this is a sin thing. Personally I am a Christian I believe in God and I understand who he is and I am not going to accusse nor defend God. He is God and no matter how Yemmi wants to call him non existent it will not change the fact that he is God and he is very much There.

    No body hates your view Yemmi its just if you can’t see God it doesn’t mean others won’t see him.

  62. Crescentia says

    Speechless and never seen this shade of blasphemy. I’m surprised yet happy you even believe sky daddy exists. At least you accuse him of all imaginable atrocities. No problem, that’s the side of the coin u know. Get to know the other side, like I do. Then u r complete. And we can be on the same page and level to rant.

  63. Crescentia says

    Speechless and never seen this shade of blasphemy. I’m surprised yet happy you even believe sky daddy exists. At least you accuse him of all imaginable atrocities. No problem, that’s the side of the coin u know. Get to know the other side, like I do. Then u r complete. And we can be on the same page and level to rant. My heart is with Ese, cos I av been a near victim countless times everywhere I turn, u don’t wanna know my story.


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