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  • Stephanie has a very dirty wall.

  • Aron Ra has been hanging out in Boston.

  • Ashley passed her comps!

  • The Atheist Experience is getting all namby-pamby.

  • The Black Skeptics point out a great injustice: WHY IS MARISSA ALEXANDER IN JAIL?

  • Jen wants you to stop calling her.

  • Digital Cuttlefish finds a world of spite aimed at a competent woman.

  • Ed comments on the Martyrdom of Tebow.

  • Dana is watching Whidbey Island wash away.

  • Greta is crowdsourcing social justice.

  • Kate is getting all sporty. Hockey season isn’t here yet, is it?

  • Ally discusses sexual aggression…by women.

  • Tauriq recommends a game. Hey, it was pretty good!

  • Jason is scolded for watching porn.

  • Maryam Namazie updates us all on the death threats against Nahla Mahmoud.

  • Nirmukta explains that race is not biology.

  • Mano has been doing a phenomenal job covering our inevitable quagmire in Syria.

  • Taslima tells off the Pope.

  • Yemmy has yet another scandalous tale of a pastor abusing his influence.

  • Zinnia has been Chelsea Manning Central.

  • And shave off that beard, Ophelia!

  • Eww, Miri is grossing everyone out with talk about miscarriages and abortion.