I Never Bought It, Anyway

The US Constitution is not a special document. It’s traditional for Americans to say something flattering about the great political geniuses who devised the US political system, but I don’t think they were so hot: after all, the country they built didn’t last 100 years before it fell apart in a vicious civil war. The democracy of the republic is a multi-levelled sham, first because something like 70% of the population (women and slaves) were disenfranchised, secondly because the franchise was mooted by the superimposed electoral college.

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Now I Get It!

In a past thread, someone commented about topologists not knowing the difference between a donut and a coffee cup.

I forwarded that to a friend of mine who’s a recovering topologist, who said “of course we can tell the difference: coffee stays in a cup and leaves a donut.”

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More on Attribution

There’s another nice example of attribution, in a recent piece by Brian Krebs [krebsonsecurity] “Who is Anna-Senpai the Mirai Worm Author?” I’m not going to walk through it in detail, because Krebs has already done that very well.

It’s a good example of how to do attribution of an attack; the $30+billion/year US intelligence community should be able to do as good a job as a blogger like Krebs, don’t you think?

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Chelsea Manning Sentence Commuted

Obama +1

I’m happy about this. Barack Obama, you complicated, inconsistent, unamerican, brilliant, interesting man. I voted for you the first time because you said you’d close gitmo and get the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I didn’t vote for you the second time because you expanded the drone killings, continued to erode the war powers resolution, and destroyed Libya. You were barely the lesser evil. Now, you’ll be missed and that’s a statement about how bad it’s going to get.