Tool-Using Animals

Back in the day, I recall someone getting excited about “tool using animals” when a monkey was using a stick to pull ants out of a hive for dinner. (His, not theirs)

Granted, that’s pretty good, but there are plenty of examples of animals (other than humans) using tools.

Personally, I am partial to Swedish Badgers over honey badgers, because I love their fur patterning and they’re not quite as hostile-looking as North American Badgers. But, as you probably already know, nasty-ass honey badgers don’t give a shit.*

Let me introduce you to Stoffle, a honey badger who says, “give me liberty, or I’ll take it!”

I don’t think his escapes are probably going to help him much; he’d be wiser to attempt to enjoy his captivity. But perhaps Stoffle enjoys the challenge.

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* If you are not familiar with the nasty-ass honey badger meme, I suppose you should watch this: [youtube]
I admit, honey badgers are seriously badass, even for badgers. And that’s saying something.


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    While the “nasty-ass honey badger” youtube in your footnote has a National Geographic logo on it, somehow I don’t think that’s the original narration: “It really doesn’t give a shit. Ew, what’s that?”

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    marcus @3. Oh, I got/get that it was a meme. I just found it amusing to be watching National Geographic footage with that kind of commentary replacing the usual staid narration.

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    As I keep burbling on, yes, I get it now. I originally thought that the phrase was the meme, and the video a good illustration of it. I hadn’t realized that the video is what had started the meme. The guy who did it even followed up on the fame from it with a book.

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